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Become an Adoptmatch-Approved Professional

ONE OF THE MAIN DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF ADOPTMATCH is our selectivity. Not just anyone can sign up on AdoptMatch. Adoptive Families who want to post their profile on AdoptMatch are required to confirm they are working with an AdoptMatch-Approved Professional committed to AdoptMatch’s Guiding Principles. Expectant Parents can be confident that any family they meet on AdoptMatch is committed Best Practices in Adoption and is working with an Adoption Professional who shares their commitment.

Becoming an Approved Adoption Professional with AdoptMatch is completely free and the five step vetting process is easy.

01. Confirm that you are a licensed attorney who is knowledgable and experienced in the field of adoption OR a licensed adoption agency.

02. Confirm your agreement with AdoptMatch's Guiding Principles

We believe adoption works best when there is…

Separate Legal Representation for Expectant Mothers
This means that an expectant mother is represented by her own attorney (at no cost to her) as soon as possible after the match is made, unless she refuses in writing.

A Written Post-Adoption Contact Agreement
This means that the expectant mother and adoptive parents reach a mutual understanding and agreement about how and when contact with the child will take place. The agreement should be in writing, regardless of whether it is enforceable or unenforceable in the state where the adoption is finalized. Whenever allowed, the Post-Adoption Contact Agreement should be filed with the court.

Quality Post-Adoption Support for the Birth Mother
Every birth mother should be offered the post-placement support she needs and wants, including a reasonable amount of counseling sessions with a licensed, adoption-competent therapist of her choosing.

Adoption Professionals Charge Reasonable, Non-Excessive Fees
Adoption agencies and attorneys should be reasonably compensated for the important services they provide, but should not charge excessive "matching fees" or flat fees for services they do not actually render.

03. Confirm your agreement with our Statement of Understanding

I understand that AdoptMatch does not screen Expectant Parents and it is the responsibility of the Adoption Professional to screen all Expectant Parents presented to me by AdoptMatch.

I agree to contact (via email or text) each Expectant Parent who submits a Request for More Information regarding one of our Adoptive Families within two (2) business days.

Before asking an Expectant Parent to complete intake paperwork, I will provide her with the complete profile of the Adoptive Family in which she has expressed interest.

As soon as is reasonably practical, and early in the matching process, we will provide an Expectant Parent with access to separate legal representation.

I understand that an Expectant Parent may submit a Request for More Information about multiple Adoptive Families at the same time and that by doing so she is not making a commitment to match with a particular Adoptive Family or to match through a particular Adoption Professional. Upon request, AdoptMatch will provide me with the number of Requests for More Information submitted by a particular Expectant Parent.

04. Complete your application below

05. Schedule a 20-30 minute telephone interview with one of our AdoptMatch representatives to ensure that AdoptMatch is a good fit for your practice or agency.