AdoptMatch | Adoption Professional Frequently Asked Questions

Adoption Professional Frequently Asked Questions

What if my State has restrictions on advertising or matching?

Our attorneys, Jill and Celeste, have done extensive research on the issue and have concluded that this is an ever-evolving area of adoption law not written in contemplation of the realities of the digital age. However, before signing up with AdoptMatch, the adoptive family should consult with a qualified attorney in their state concerning the legality of posting their profile on AdoptMatch.

Do I need to download the AdoptMatch app myself or be tech-savvy in order for my clients to use AdoptMatch?

Not even a bit. We worked hard to make AdoptMatch user-friendly for even the biggest technophobes around. All you need to be able to do is send and receive good old-fashioned emails.

What is your success rate?

AdoptMatch is brand-new on the market so we don’t have any hard statistics to share with you just yet.  We can assure you, however, that we are actively engaged in innovative and comprehensive outreach to Expectant Parents and are investing significant funds into promoting AdoptMatch.

Do I have to pay anything to be an AdoptMatch Approved Professional?

Absolutely not. We’re looking for highly ethical agencies and attorneys who provide both expectant mothers and prospective adoptive families excellent, honest, compassionate care and expertise. If that’s you, we’d love to have your families use our services to match. Additionally, our approved professionals are listed on our website as a good resource for families and other professionals looking for an agency or attorney in a specific state.

Can facilitators and consultants have their families post on AdoptMatch?

No. Only prospective adoptive families working with an approved agency or attorney may post on AdoptMatch.

Do you charge a matching fee in addition to your monthly subscription?

No. Families pay a monthly fee. That’s it. If they find a successful match through us, we’d love to hear about it so we can celebrate along with them, but no additional fees will ever be charged.

What if the Expectant Parent is not in my state? Can I still work with her?

If you are working with a prospective adoptive family in your state, AdoptMatch should work for you, regardless of where the Expectant Parent lives.  You would simply handle the case as an interstate adoption, with you on the receiving end.  AdoptMatch encourages professionals to connect the Expectant Parent with an AdoptMatch-Approved Professional in the Expectant Parent’s state to provide her with in-person counseling, legal representation, and support.  However, we trust our partners to choose wisely and ensure that our guiding principles are followed by the professionals you or the adoptive parents contract with.

Does AdoptMatch ever turn down an Adoption Professional?

Unfortunately, yes. We take our mission of providing excellent care and support to expectant parents very seriously.  We view separate legal representation for expectant parents as a non-negotiable.  We also strongly recommend that all adoptions employ a written post-adoption contact agreement.  When an agency or attorney glosses over these items, or when we hear crickets when asking about counseling resources for moms, we sometimes have to say no to partnership.  We’re also careful to review agency fee agreements to try to determine if they are fair and transparent.  Adoptive parents must be able to count the costs before committing to any professional.  The main red flag for us is a contract in which, even if neither the adoptive parents or the expectant parents are in the agency’s state of licensure, the agency still collects its full fee and has the adoptive parents pay for the additional professionals required.  That’s too close to facilitation for our comfort.

Are there any discounts available to my clients?

Possibly. We offer periodic specials and are happy to discuss possible discounts for your clients, so don’t hesitate to ask us about this.