AdoptMatch | How AdoptMatch Works

How AdoptMatch Works

ADOPTMATCH is a mobile app that connects Expectant Parents with Adoptive Parents who are working with an Adoption Professional committed to the very highest standards of ethics and best practices in adoption. AdoptMatch is not an agency, attorney or facilitator, AdoptMatch is a connection point between Expectant Parents and Adoptive Parents with the oversight of an Adoption Professional.

Adoptive Parents create a profile to be viewed by Expectant Parents on the mobile app or on the website app. When one of your Adoptive Families creates a profile with AdoptMatch, you will receive an email from us requesting verification of the Adoptive Parents’ status as active clients with a valid home study.  Once AdoptMatch receives the verification from you, their profile will be eligible for activation.

Adoptive Parents are charged an annual fee of $475 to post their profile on AdoptMatch. There are no contracts, set-up fees, or “premium” pricing options.

When an Expectant Parent wants to know more about an adoptive family, she submits a Request for More Information that links her directly with their Adoption Professional. We ask that each Adoption Professional respond to each Expectant Parent inquiry within two (2) business days by providing the family’s full profile and initiating his/her customary screening procedures, including the offer of separate legal counsel, post-adoption contact and post-placement care.