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What to Do When Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy

Facing an unintended pregnancy is scary and stressful. A million questions run through your head. “What am I going to do?” “How am I going to tell the dad?” “Is my family going to freak out?” “Am I ready to be a parent?” “Could I actually go through with an abortion?” “What about adoption?”

Considering Your Unplanned Pregnancy Options

Once the initial shock wears off and you can think clearly again, it’s time to seriously consider all of your options. You want to make a good decision, but none of your options are easy. Abortion may seem like a quick fix, but ask most women who have had an abortion and they’ll tell you that there are many lasting consequences. Parenting may be your first choice and if you think that’s your best option, there are many resources available to support you and help you succeed. If you don’t want to have an abortion and aren’t ready or in the right circumstances to parent, adoption may be the best choice for you and your unborn baby. Try finding birth mothers looking for adoptive families.

Where to Find the Best Adoptive Parents for Your Unborn Baby

When you’re first considering adoption, the idea of actually being able to find adoptive parents you love may seem like an impossible task. The good news is, there are more than 100,000 couples in the U.S. who want to adopt a baby. That means you have a heck of a lot of families to choose from and shouldn’t choose adoptive parents unless you think they’re pretty great. While we don’t suggest you hold out for the perfect adoptive couple (mostly because they don’t actually exist!), you should definitely be picky when it comes to choosing adoptive parents for your child. So, where should you start?

Let’s start by telling you the where you shouldn’t be looking. Here are the Top Three Places You Shouldn’t Look for Adoptive Parents for Your Unborn Baby:

The only legitimate places to start your search are either a licensed adoption agency or an adoption attorney (but NOT an adoption facilitator). Sounds good, right? But wait. It’s not enough to reach out to just any licensed adoption agency or attorney. Why? Because, while it’s sad to say, many adoption agencies and attorneys are not looking out for your best interest. Unfortunately, some of these so-called adoption professionals are motivated mainly by the opportunity to profit from adoption. As such, they should be avoided at all costs.

Where to Find the Best Adoption Agency

Where should a woman considering adoption for her unborn baby look to find the best adoption professionals and adoptive parents? AdoptMatch is the best place to start. AdoptMatch connects you with agencies, attorneys and adoptive families who are ethical, compassionate and committed to making sure you receive the support you need and deserve throughout the adoption process.

Support During Your Pregnancy

The adoption agencies and attorneys you’ll find on AdoptMatch will make sure that these things happen:

The other thing AdoptMatch offers an expectant mother considering adoption is full access to a wide range of potential adoptive parents. You should never limit your choices to the families that any one particular agency or attorney happens to be working with. AdoptMatch gives you access to adoptive families and adoption professionals from all over the United States. AdoptMatch families, attorneys and agencies all share one thing in common – they are all committed to ethical and compassionate adoption and to making sure that the adoptive parents and expectant mother all receive adequate support throughout your pregnancy and after the adoption is complete.