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What is AdoptMatch?

ADOPTMATCH is a mobile app and website designed by adoption attorneys and birth moms to empower expectant moms to find the right family for her child. We are distinct from other matching websites in the following three ways:

1 Adoptive Parents must be working with an AdoptMatch-Approved Professional
2 All initial communication is channeled from Expectant Parent to Adoption Professional
3 Mobile App that utilizes cutting-edge technology to showcase prospective adoptive family profiles

Not only is AdoptMatch helping Expectant Mothers and adoptive families connect through their adoption professionals, we are creating a community of adoption professionals who believe that adoption should not be treated as an industry, but as a loving, yet highly complex solution designed to meet the unique needs of a mother and her child. Our community of AdoptMatch professionals has grown to include 60 agencies and attorneys, in 28 states throughout the country. We love being able to assure expectant mothers that any family they choose from AdoptMatch is working with a professional committed to the highest ethical standards in the industry.

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Celeste Liversidge

Founder + Adoption Attorney

Jill Cucullu

Adoption Attorney

Emily Kampen

Marketing Director



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