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Frankie + Julie

First Responder / Administrative Assistant




All About Frankie & Julie

Our faith is important to us and is the foundation of how we live our lives. Family is the next most important aspect of our lives. We both have rather large extended families and a lot of kids on both sides of our families. We have already been through the adoption process with our daughter in 2012. We have an amazing open adoption with her birth family and a rather special bond with them. Through in-person visits, phone calls, mail, and text messages, we stay in contact often and we wouldn't have it any other way. We are open to any level of openness you are comfortable with. Our daughter is loved beyond measure by not only us but her entire birth family as well and that brings out hearts a lot of peace and happiness.

Why Adoption?

We decided 3 years after we married to start a family. By year 4, when it had not happened, we decided to find out why and pursued other avenues to conceive. Infertility treatments were unsuccessful and after much heartbreak, we decided being parents was more important than continuing to try via medical intervention and potentially suffering more heartbreak and physical pain. Adoption is not unfamiliar to either of us, so naturally, it was the next choice in our journey to become parents. We reached out to a Christian adoption agency in our local area and started the process. When our daughter was 5 1/2 we decided it was a great time to begin the process to adopt again. It was important for us to be financially ready to adopt and that took a little while to save up before we were fully ready to submit everything needed to begin the journey to adopt. 

Family & Home

We live in a gated community in a very small town 20 minutes outside of larger communities. We are centrally located close to the mountains and the beach. We have a beautiful 2 story home with 5 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. We have a large beautifully landscaped backyard that is fit for entertaining and family parties. We have lived in our home since 2007. Our daughter attends a small school that has truly been the best school for her in regards to the one-on-one academic attention she receives with two teachers in every grade level and a very small class size. Prior to that, she attended two years of Christian preschool located very close to both of our work offices. We enjoy bike rides around the community, going on walks to the river trail located behind our house, or our community park and pool for playtime. This is a kid-friendly community with great neighbors.

How others describe me

Frank or Frankie, as most know him, is a wonderful father to our daughter and an amazing, supportive and hardworking husband. Frank enjoys landscaping and remodeling projects in his off-time and is jokingly called the "jack of all trades" because there isn't anything he can't remodel, repair, build, or work on. Frank is patient and a great role model. He is funny with a silly sense of humor and a big kid at heart at times. His favorite time of year is Halloween. Our house is transformed every year and the highlight to visit for neighbors.
Julie is a great mommy to our daughter and a hardworking, thoughtful, supportive wife. She is fun and makes the holidays and family time very special. Julie enjoys making crafts and custom tumblers as a hobby for people when time permits. Our daughter is always decked out in custom-made tee- shirts.