Welcome! Meet:

Gabriel + Christina

Electrical Contractor / Child & Family Psychologist




All About Gabriel & Christina

We met while working at a coffee shop and dated for 10 years before we married. We have now been married for 8 years and are totally committed to one another and our future family. We have an outstanding support group that exists of family and friends. We enjoy being active and spending time outdoors. We have two furry friends, Buddy (Labrador) and Brody (Golden Retriever).

Why Adoption?

We knew from the very beginning of our marriage we would adopt. We wanted to love a child that needed love, provide a home for a child that needed a home, and provide a warm, caring acceptance to a birth mother who wanted a loving family for her child. We were put on this earth for a purpose and we feel our purpose is to love others, especially the child who will one day be placed in our care.

Family & Home

We live in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are so grateful to live in the Bay Area as it offers a variety of landscapes, a diversity of people, work/social opportunities, and fabulous weather. We live within walking distance from a community center and church where we enjoy the pool, fitness classes, and attend worship on Sundays. We also volunteer in the children's Sunday School class at the local church. We are both self-employed, which allows us to have flexible work schedules and allowed us to build our successful businesses.

How others describe me

Gabriel has amazing loyalty and compassion for his friends and family. He never says no to someone in need and is the first to offer help, whether it’s volunteering in children’s ministry or helping someone with a home project. He is an excellent problem-solver and never backs down from a challenge. He is patient, creative, and outgoing. He is quick to introduce himself and make those around him feel comfortable and included. Gabriel is truly my better half and I’m so blessed he’s my husband. 

Christina’s friends and family mean so much to her. She is always there to help out, whether it’s watching our nieces and nephews, helping someone move, or simply lending a shoulder to lean on. She is outgoing and has a go-with-the-flow attitude. She is willing to try new things, even diving with sharks in Africa. She knows how to make me laugh when I feel down and can be the voice of reason when things are chaotic. I could not imagine my life without her by my side.