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Howie + Cari Ann

Social Services Data Analyst / University Graduate Program Manager




All About Howie & Cari Ann

We're a cookie-baking couple hoping to adopt a child.  Cari Ann's chocolate chip cookies are outstanding; crunchy edges, tender centers, just-right sweetness.  Through many batches of practice,  Cari Ann experimented, adjusted, and kept her eye on her ultimate purpose: the very best chocolate chip cookie possible. 

Our approach to growing our relationship is similar, and that's how we also hope to grow our family;  with the right balance of mindfulness, empathy, flexibility, and a strong focus on the most important ingredient of all: love.

Why Adoption?

Since he started thinking about it as a young man, Howie wanted to have a family with biological and adopted children.  After many years of trying, we have moved on to open adoption! We have always hoped to have a child to love and nurture, and we can't wait to welcome an adopted child as our first. 

Family & Home

We live in a three-bedroom townhome in a quiet, diverse neighborhood, walking distance from several parks and an elementary school.  Our community is a college town in the Midwest, where we have a wonderful group of friends, many of whom have young kids.  Cari Ann’s mom and brother run the family farm about two hours away, and her sister, brother-in-law, and their two daughters live nearby.  Howie’s parents are retired and live about three hours away in the town where he grew up.  We are close with both families and see them several times each year.

How others describe me

About Howie (by Cari Ann): Considerate, musical, protective, reliable

About Cari Ann (by Howie): Dependable, honest, fun, compassionate