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Kathryn + Kate

Program Manager / Nurse


Caucasian / Other

None / Buddhist

All About Kathryn & Kate

Hi! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about who we are! We're a transracial couple living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest after moving from Kate's home country a few years ago. We’ve been looking forward to becoming parents for a long time. Now that we’re settled into the comfy house we’ve been renovating, we're ready to take the next step! We’re in the 13th year of our collaborative, happy marriage and enjoy many activities together, including trying out new recipes and going for long walks. We share our spacious backyard with plenty of homegrown veggies and three curious chickens, who provide both delicious eggs and endless entertainment. Both of us are eagerly looking forward to sharing the family life we so enjoy!

Kate grew up just north of London, in the UK, where she lived with her parents and her older sister. She loves playing with computers and electronics, but after she completed college and had run her own business for a while, she realized she wanted to train as a nurse. She went back to college after a few years' break and has been nursing ever since. Although she's an outspoken advocate for her patients, she's sometimes pretty shy. She very much enjoys tinkering with her projects or curling up and listening to music.

Kathryn was raised by two educators in the Puget Sound region alongside her younger sister, with plenty of time spent outdoors. Creativity and curiosity have always made her tick - some of her favorite activities are making pieces of art, learning about new subjects, traveling, and taking in stories. With degrees in theatre arts, she has built a career working with a variety of educational organizations, including elementary schools, a museum, and colleges. Kathryn loves a long conversation with someone she's close to but can be quiet in new company. She prefers a long walk with Kate or reading at home to a crowded party.

Why Adoption?

Over time, we realized that we would rather pour our time, resources, and energy into creating a home filled with opportunity and love than into the (very difficult for us) process of becoming pregnant. As we've learned more about the adoption world, we've also come to deeply value the honor and responsibility of being chosen to become part of a wider family dedicated to helping a child grow and flourish.

Family & Home

We live in a cozy two-bedroom house with a big backyard and helpful, friendly neighbors.  We've spent the past few years completely remodeling our home ourselves, from pulling out old electrical wiring to framing and installing new windows.  We know every inch of this house now and we love the warm, light-filled space we've created as well as the beautiful views of green trees from our living room.  Our walkable family neighborhood is five minutes from our city's historic downtown, waterfront, and farmer's market.  We regularly take long walks, visiting the many nearby parks and picking up fresh bread (and usually cookies!) from our local bakery on the way home.  A great elementary school is a couple of blocks away and opens up its parking lot to the neighborhood music and arts festival every year.  Kathryn's mom and her wife (retired college professors) live about 15 minutes away. Kathryn's dad and his wife (retired K-12 principals) live across town. We see them all often, sharing meals, and talking about books and shows we've been enjoying. Kate's mum (retired nurse) and her husband live in Cornwall.  We fly over to visit most years, but also chat every week, checking in on garden and wildlife updates.  Our wonderful circle of friends live near and far, some in town, some a couple of hours away, and some scattered across the world.  We connect with them all as often as possible, whether through texting, video calls, or dinner dates.

How others describe me

Kate is a deeply loving person who is genuinely curious about the world. She has a knack for seeing anything as possible, tracking down the 'how to' and then working at it until she accomplishes what she set out to do. She’s also hilarious, with a dry sense of humor and an instinct for finding the fun in life.

Kathryn’s compassionate and thoughtful nature comes through in everything that she does. She's considerate and careful, seeing the importance and connections between actions and their impacts, and is able to bring that insight into daily life. She's also creative and artistic, and her vision is a big part of what has made our home so special.