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Rick + Tamara

Scientist / Writer

New York



All About Rick & Tamara

How do you fit your whole life onto a single page, and try to show someone you'd be amazing parents? We don't know, so we'll hit the highlights and if you like what you see, you can contact us to get to know us a little better! Hello! We are Rick and Tamara - a loving couple looking to grow our family through adoption. Our shortlist: we love travel, music, festivals of all kinds, animals, fringe sports (kickball & roller derby), a full house, and a good debate. We believe in kindness, lifelong learning, and a responsibility to help our fellow humans. Finding each other more than a decade ago was the start of an amazing journey, and we're looking forward to bringing a couple more souls along on the adventure. We offer a safe, happy home and unconditional love. Our family and friends are here to support us, and we are so excited to welcome a child into our lives. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We'd love to connect with you and hear your story.

Tamara is a writer who gets to work from home with frequent interruptions from two furry coworkers - our cat Olive and dog Marjorie. In her free time, she's down for any kind of adventure. She loves skating, learning to play new music, knitting, reading, and doing absolutely anything with her sister, who's also her best friend. Rick is a scientist who started his own tech company. At home, he is passionate about cooking and is in charge of all things food-related. He grows vegetables and bakes us fresh bread. When he's not feeding family and friends, he is entertaining everyone with his unfailing sense of humor. Our 5-year old nephew thinks of Richard as his personal hero. Together we love to travel, explore nature, spend time with friends and family, and just enjoy life's small pleasures. A warm fire or good movie is all we need for a fantastic night.

Life is beautiful, but it can be hard, too. We try to make the most of every day and find fun in almost everything we do. We love to laugh! In the last strange year, we've found so much happiness in staying home and spending most of our time with just the two of us and our family "pod," growing our bonds stronger, and reminding us that a little kindness and grace go a long way. We are committed to trying to make a positive impact in the world in both big and small ways, whether it's through community work or just helping to make someone's life easier. Tamara volunteers as an advocate for children in foster care, and Richard can often be found helping friends with their home projects. We believe kindness and compassion should be our first instincts and judgment withheld whenever possible. These are values we plan to share with our children by working to be good examples ourselves and helping them learn that we all matter in this world and we all can make a difference. We want to give them all the tools and knowledge they need to follow their dreams and become strong, happy, loving adults. We're excited to include them in things we love to do - camping, reading, making art, the occasional trip to Disney. And we're equally excited to learn from them, and as they grow, hope to be included in their own unique passions and interests.


Why Adoption?

We're so excited to grow our family, and adoption is the best route for us. Both of us have family members who were adopted or have adopted a child, and we know that love is what makes a family. Spending time with our niece and nephew brings us so much joy, and we are so eager to grow our family - to see the world through a child's eyes every day and help them become a happy, thriving adult. We each have family members who have adopted children or been adopted themselves, so when we faced difficulty having children, the decision to pursue adoption was easy. We can't wait to meet the next member of our family! 

Family & Home

Our tastes are a bit unique, and we are lucky to live in a home that reflects that. We have a 150-year old farmhouse that's historic but with some funky new additions. There's a library with a cozy wood stove on one end, and an art and music studio on the other. The four bedrooms have high ceilings and lots of bright sunshine. Our big fenced yard is surrounded by woods, and a stream runs through the property. We love hanging out in the yard, picking apples from our trees for cider and pies, and having friends over for cookouts and doggie play dates. We think we have the best of both worlds - living in a rural neighborhood with lots of space, but within walking distance to our town's main street and its charming restaurants and shops. Our community celebrates art, music, food, and learning. With several major cities an easy drive away, we get to see Broadway shows in New York and visit Boston for fresh seafood. But the best part of our home is living close to family and seeing them several times a week. We end each summer cramming into minivans and spending a week at the beach with the whole family - kids, dogs, and a few extra friends. The world is sometimes a difficult place, so we work hard to make our home a place of peace, safety, and joy, and we are looking forward to filling it with family.


How others describe me

Rick is a good person to his core. He is one of the most caring, ethical, and intelligent people I've ever met. He's always ready to listen to a new idea or different perspective, and will freely admit when he was wrong. He is humble, patient and can brighten any room just by being there. Rick grew up in New England. He's a scientist who started his own tech company a few years ago. He works hard but makes time with family a priority. At home, he is passionate about cooking and is in charge of all things food-related. He grows vegetables and bakes us fresh bread. When he's not feeding our family and friends, he is entertaining everyone with jokes and stories. He is our 5-year old nephew's personal hero.

Tamara has so many amazing qualities that would make her a great mother. She is a natural caretaker who brings the best out of those around her. She has a big joyful personality and a knack for easily adapting to new situations. She is the one who will make sure that everyone is fully stocked up on essentials before she heads straight into the storm. That is how nurturing and fierce she is; she looks out for everyone around her before readily taking on a storm, both literally and figuratively. Tamara is very smart and quick-witted. An excellent storyteller, which has served her well in her career and also socially. She’s a lot of fun to be around and is always looking to maximize the potential of any situation. She is very caring, and always has the interests of others on her mind. Helping others is one of her passions. Tamara volunteers as an advocate for children going through abuse and neglect cases.