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Adoptive Family Details

Family Facts

  • Region: West
  • Faith: None
  • Education: College Degree

Michael & Alain

We are excited to have fun traditions and adventures and create memories that will last a lifetime. We are both very much alike and yet so different. We know that our differences and similarities will make us great parents. We are going to provide such a happy, fun, adventurous, and loving life for our child. (Is it weird that I am already getting excited about baby's first trip to Disneyland?? or to the snow? )

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Why Adoption?

We have always wanted to be parents. We have a few friends who have adopted and over time we decided that was the best option for us.. Our family and friends are excited for us and have been beyond supportive. We are so excited about being on the adoption journey! We would love to have an open adoption where we can have a relationship with the birth mother and build a wonderful relationship that will last a lifetime. We are open to other kinds of situations but we want you to know that we would very much love to be a part of your life and you be a part of ours.

Get To Know Us

We met through mutual friends. Our first date was at a sushi restaurant (the first time Michael ever had sushi..) afterwards we took a walk along a beach down the street. It's cheesy to say this, but it was magic! We both work in public service where we get to help people every day. On our off days, we love to spend time at home with our three dogs. Reading books, cooking, watching movies, and playing video games are among our favorite things to do. When time allows, we love to travel and see the world. Our recent trips have been to Hawaii, Germany, and Ireland. We look forward to traveling with our children and taking them on fun adventures around the world. We strongly believe in the importance of education, along with being involved in our local community and the world we live in. We look forward to providing our future children with the opportunities of playing sports, learning musical instruments, learning how to protect and help others, along with times to just relax and be themselves. Lastly, we’re excited for the chance to travel around the state, country, and world as a wonderful way to learn about other cultures. We love to have adventures over weekends. We are planning on renting a boat soon and spending some time at a nearby lake. We both work in public service, every day we get to help people and work on ways to better our community. Alain went to school to be a veterinarian, but he ended up choosing a different path. He loves to read and work out. In fact we just had a home gym built in our garage, because fitness is important to us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Alain grew up in Southern California in a predominantly Hispanic community near the Mexico border. Alain is bilingual and speaks English and Spanish (and a tiny bit of French) His Mom owns a flower shop (her name is Rosy! ) and his Dad is a retired engineer. They are very excited to be grandparents. Alain's sister lives in Southern California and is a school teacher. His brother and sister-in-law, who is a nurse, live in New Jersey. We love to visit them. Alain is loving, caring, and compassionate. He loves to help people and goes out of his way to do kind things for others. Michael grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. He went to school with an interest in business management. He worked for Disney for several years as a manager, but his career took another path. Michael's Mom is a retired engineer who lives nearby. She is very excited to be a Grandma (she won't stop sending us baby clothes!) and his Dad is a retired police officer. A majority of Michael's family lives in the Bay Area so we have plenty of relatives who are nearby to support us through this journey. Michael has a great sense of humor and loves being around people.

Our Home & Community

We live in a sunny town in Northern California, which is ethnically and culturally diverse. It’s full of beautiful parks, great places to eat, and tons of fun and enriching things to do. Our neighborhood is cozy and safe, nestled in a valley between the hills and the San Francisco bay. Our house is one block away from a community pool and garden, where we spend hot summer days. We just built a home gym in our garage so we have no excuse to not exercise! Our favorite room is the living room, where we hang out on our big comfy couch and watch movies with our dogs. (They really like Netflix) . We have a big backyard and love having barbecues and dinners with friends.

What We're All About

Alain and Michael are both very loving, fun, and light hearted people. We are compassionate and caring and love helping others. We are involved in our local community and spend lots of time with family and friends. We love visiting family and friends locally and also traveling all around the country. Alain's parents live in Southern California and are primarily Spanish speakers. Michael is learning Spanish and we plan to teach our child both English and Spanish so they can communicate with abuela and abuelo (grandma and grandpa!) We look forward to raising our child to be strong, smart, caring, and to treat everyone equally with love and respect. We strongly believe that kindness is the key to building strong friendships and relationships. In a world where there is a lot of anger, hate, and darkness, we strive to be a source of light and love!