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Adoptive Family Details

Family Facts

  • Children: Two Children
  • Region: Midwest
  • Faith: Christian
  • Education: College Degree

Shalena & Justin

We reside in the small, tight knit community where we were both raised. We are both active with a variety of clubs and boards to help support our youth and town. Our favorite pastime includes spending Friday nights under stadium lights and summer days lounging by our pool. As members of Chiefs Kingdom, Sunday's in the fall consist of food, family, friends and football!!

We currently have two children, Faith and Courtland. Faith will be a senior in high school starting this fall and LOVES being a big sister to Courtland and is excited about the possibility of adding another little one to the household!! She loves to spend time with him getting fries from Mc Donald's and going to the park to play. Courtland turned 2 this April and is the Energizer Bunny of our family. He is a typical two year old boy who loves to be outside driving his tractor and truck around the 3 acres we live on. He loves playing with his many cousins and hopes to be able to have another sibling to play with!

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Why Adoption?

We have both had experiences in our lives that have shown us the love that can come from a child being placed in their 'forever home.' When we decided to expand our family, the idea of adopting came very natural to us. We have family members who have either been adopted or have adopted themselves, showing us that the love between a child and a parent does not have to be biological. We can only hope to provide a child with the same type of love that we have seen others provide for a child. Faith is not our biological child, but rather Shalena's first cousin. She was removed from her parent's care when she was 3 years old and placed with Shalena full time. For the past 14 years she has been raised in a loving home which considered her a daughter, not just a relative. Courtland is what we call our "miracle baby"! We did not think having a biological child was in the cards for us, however God blessed us with an incredible gift and for that we are forever grateful!

Get To Know Us

Shalena works as a manager in Human Resource Department for a global manufacturing and technology company in the neighboring town. Justin is a insurance agent at the agency that his father started 30 years ago and plans to keep the business going for years to come. In our downtime, we enjoying going camping with many of our friends and family, having lazy summer days by the pools, and traveling to new destinations while creating memories along the way. Our most favorite thing to do is hosting family and friends for sporting events throughout the year. We love to spend time as a family, but every now and then we enjoy a quick getaway as a couple. One of our favorite places to visit is the mountains in Colorado. We use these getaways as a way to rejuvenate our relationship. We communicate well and do our best to be each others best form of support. Shalena is a very down to earth easy going person who always puts her family before herself. She is extremely passionate about her family and career, and balances both with ease. She is a homebody who loves to spend her free time in her flowerbeds(when Courtland is not tugging on her pants asking her to hold him). Justin is a patient and kind soul who has never met a stranger. Whether it is a summer night over the grill or a chilly evening with a pot of soup on the stove, Justin loves to make home cooked meals for his family.

Our Home & Community

We built our forever home three years ago on a few acres just outside of city limits. We enjoy the peace and quiet of country living and all that comes with it. Sunday nigh is our "family night" where we all gather in the living room and watch a movie together. Most summer nights are spent in the pool as a family after long days at work and daycare! Our hometown is small consisting of only about 4k people. We attend several community events throughout the year that bring us all together. It's not unusual to see the majority of the town on a Friday night cheering on the football team, packing the gym in the winter supporting our basketball teams or gathering at the town gazebo listing to the local karaoke band playing while everyone dances in the street.

What We're All About

We love to live life to it's fullest each and every day. Although we both have a desire to be successful in our career paths, the best part of our day, and what keeps us striving for bigger and better, is coming home to a peaceful evening with our two kids and two dogs. We both come from big families and can only hope to give our kids that same kind of experience. The memories we cherish from our childhood are the same ones we want to give to our children. Adding to our family has always been the dream and we can only hope the adoption process will allow that dream to become reality! We are excited to see what the next chapter of our lives reveal. We are hopeful that we will be blessed with another child to love and care for as our very own.