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Adoptive Family Details

Family Facts

  • Children: One Child
  • Region: Midwest
  • Faith: Christian
  • Education: Graduate Degree

Jessica & Ryan

Your strength is indescribable. We are parents who have made the impossible decision to say goodbye to a baby because our love for them is unconditional and selfless. You are brave, fierce, and an inspiration to all parents out there.

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile and learn a little more about our lives. When we met, we knew we were meant to be parents. We also knew we wanted to make a home for our children that was full of not only love and laughter but also full of supportive opportunities to grow and thrive. We are a family of Faith and trust in God and His plans for us.

Adoption has always been on our mind and in our hearts- we’ve talked about it since we met. It wasn’t until our 2nd daughter was called to be an Angel after 27 days on Earth that we realized God created her to remind us of adoption. At her birth, we discovered we carry a fatal and rare form of an already rare genetic disorder and our chances of having another child with the same fate was extremely high. Upon learning this, we knew God was calling us to continue build our family through adoption and provide our 1st daughter with a sibling on this side of Heaven, something we have always wanted.

Our hearts are anxiously anticipating our baby and we are open to any gender, race, or ethnicity and will embrace an open or closed adoption. Our family and community knows it takes a village to raise a child and, along with us, they will ensure our child is loved, safe, accepted, and appreciated. Though this child did not grow in our womb, she/he has been growing in our hearts for a very long time. Like our unconditional love for Quinn and Piper, this child has our absolute love.

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Why Adoption?

Jessica was in her first year of graduate school to become a doctor of audiology and Ryan had just started his company when we met through mutual friends. Our connection was instant and the foundation of our relationship was built on laughter, adventures, and a love for dogs. After dating for 3 years, we got married in 2013. We knew we wanted children but also were determined to establish our life before doing so. We had always discussed the desire to adopt, but unlike many families that come to adopt, we did not have fertility issues and were quickly blessed with our daughter, Quinn Rose, in 2017. We adore being parents and often talk about how we do not remember what life was like before her. We knew we wanted more children and, again, looked into adoption. We became pregnant quickly, however, and in April 2020, our daughter, Piper Grace, was born. Her life on Earth was short as we found out we are carriers of a fatal and rare genetic disorder and would have a high chance of carrying another child with it. Quinn is our miracle and Piper is our inspiration to continue to grow our family and adopt our next daughter/son.

Get To Know Us

About Ryan (written by Jessica): When I met Ryan over a decade ago, I knew he was an incredible man (with pretty awesome hair)! Before I met Ryan, his passion was hockey and was even entered into the NHL draft! Ryan is the lone man in house FULL of women (even the dog) and like any proud father, he is protective. He is dedicated to his business not only because he is hard working but also dedicated to making sure we can provide our children with a safe and stable home full of memories and adventure! At home, Ryan is the goofy dad who is fueled by hearing Quinn’s laugh. He’s the “fun” parent, sneaking treats throughout the day for Quinn and dancing to Disney music past bedtime. Ryan has a way of making friends immediately. When you first meet Ryan, he will make you feel like the most important person in the world and will do anything to make you smile. In the last year, I have seen Ryan face challenges no parent (or person) should ever have to face. Through all the adversity, he is a pillar of strength and an example of perseverance for Quinn and myself. About Jessica (Written by Ryan): Jessica is the type of wife and mom that I like to refer to as a super woman. There is never a stone unturned with Jess. She has a passion for taking care of children with hearing loss and spends her days advocating for her students so they can hear in their classroom. She is extremely educated, hardworking, organized, loving, and loyal. I’m a better man today because of her. The two of us have a lot of similar interests such as children, dogs, and decorating for the holidays like Christmas! We enjoy going on walks with Quinn and our dog, Maddie. Jess has been my rock and sounding board since we met. The one thing I love most about Jess is the love and dedication she has towards our family consistently. Our daughter, Quinn, loves her Mommy so much and knows Mommy is there for her no matter what. This is the type of mom and wife Jess is. I am blessed and lucky to have Jess as my wife and mother to my children!

Our Home & Community

Our families are an extension of who we are! Jessica is extremely close to her parents and often accused of calling her mom too much! Her mother (Gigi) is the essence of strength, generosity, and fun and her father (Gamps) is the pillar of stability and hard work. Jessica’s younger sister, Aunt Jackie, has become her best friend (though it did take about 18 years)! Jackie works for Disney Corporate and we joke that she is NEVER allowed to leave because of all the perks! She lives with her long-time boyfriend, Uncle Greg, who Quinn adores and is there for our family whenever we need him. Her parents have a 2nd home in Florida which we are fortunate to vacation at several times a year! As a family, we love to have a great time traveling together (Disney World is a favorite), watch sports, and play games during the holidays. Ryan is also very close to his parents. His mother (Grandma) is an unbelievably devoted and caring support and his father (Pa) is extremely hard-working and always there to make us laugh. His brother, Chase, is 6 years younger and back in California pursuing his career. Though distance keeps Ryan and him physically apart, technology allows them to remain close and lean on each other during tough times. Ryan’s parents currently live an hour away and are here for us whenever we need it. They love to babysit Quinn whenever Ryan and Jessica need a date night! As a family, we love to explore nature reserves and parks, visit local zoos, and spend time at his parents historic, century farm house! We bought our house in 2010 and we have been working hard to make it a cozy home. It is a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath traditional home built in 1985 located in one of the top school districts in the state. Our neighborhood is like our 2nd family. Our desirable area is filled with young families who are available for playdates and support whenever needed. Our home is on a 1 acre, corner lot with a fenced-in backyard and designated playset for the kids. We love to host BBQs/playdates with our friends and Quinn loves to throw the ball to our dog, Maddie. We live less than 1 mile from downtown, walking distance via sidewalks to shopping, restaurants, playgrounds/parks, town festivals/markets, grocery stores, and coffee shops.

What We're All About

Though we are both career-driven, we value the importance of work/life balance. We enjoy spending the weekends together, exploring our town and spending time with family and friends. Because Jessica works as educational audiologist, she is lucky to have the summers off to spend with Quinn! The loss of Piper motivated Jessica to start a non-profit in her name that was able to launch on her 1st heavenly birthday! RYAN: Occupation: Scrap Metal Broker/Business Owner Favorite Holiday: Christmas Favorite Sport: Hockey Favorite Childhood Memory: Surfing when I lived in CA Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends, washing cars, and mowing the lawn JESSICA: Occupation: Educational Audiologist Favorite Holiday: Christmas Favorite Sport: Football Favorite Childhood Memory: Road trips to Chicago to visit family Hobbies: Long walks downtown with Ryan and Quinn, running, and working with non-profits