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Adoptive Family Details

Family Facts

  • Children: Three Children
  • Region: West
  • Faith: Christian
  • Education: College Degree

Shannon & Chris

We want to make you apart of our family! Our fun, silly family! At any given time someone is singing a song or beatboxing and dancing around the house. We hope you will get to know us as you continue to read through our profile!

“Let all that you do be done in LOVE.”
1 Corinthians 16:14

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Why Adoption?

We have so much love to give! We have always had a heart for adoption. Before we were even married we discussed the desire to grow our family through adoption. We have been blessed with three amazing biological children but we know our family is not yet complete and that adoption is supposed to be apart of our story! We want to respect whatever level of openness desired by the expecting family that chooses us. We are excited for the incredible honor of joining with an expecting family to love the child (or children, twins would be super fun) that God has blessed them with. Shannon: For me it began as early as elementary school. My heart seemed to grow each time I heard an adoption story and the beauty of love having no biologically boundaries, but families welcoming in children who needed forever families with open arms. Chris: Adoption is actually a pivotal topic in our story. I pursued Shannon for a long time and she didn't show interest in me. But when she asked me in Spring 2010, "How do you feel about adoption," that was the moment I knew she had feelings for me too. We were married six months later!

Get To Know Us

We are such a team as Mom and Dad. We both work but have incredibly flexible schedules and even do a lot of our work hours from home to maximize time with our kids. We don't use any childcare. One of us is always with the kids except for appointments that require both of us to be there and much needed date nights. The kids actually ask us to go on dates some times because they WANT to go to Grandma and Grandpas house. We do dinner together every night as a family. We share car pool duties to and from school. Swimming, walking to the park, and pizza/movie nights at home are weekly occurrences for our family. Chris loves to sing and work out. He leads worship at our Church and competes in CrossFit competitions. He is such an amazing, hands on dad. Every Wednesday is "Daddy Day" where Chris stays home with the kids while Shannon goes into the office to work. He loves adventures and can make even an ordinary day fun for the kids. Mornings at the zoo or fishing adventures are some "Daddy Day" favorites. Recently the kids have been interested in "treasure hunts" so Chris has regularly hidden clues around the house with a treasure map that ends in the kids finding their way to some kind of treat. Chris is so intentional to create life long memories, shepherd his children well, and prioritize family time above all else. Our family nominates him as "The World's Best Dad" for sure! Shannon loves to plan fun family meals or the next house project. She enjoys taking care of our home and family by grocery shopping and cooking. Our kids love to do messy activities. She goes out of her way to find fun ways to allow the kids to mix up "secret potions" or make their own play-dough or mystery mixture. When it's time to explore the world through play with Mommy, it's usually going to be outside getting our hands into something fun to touch and almost always requires a bath at the end. Shannon does a great job of planning to help make things run smooth in our home and schedule. She is so intentional to think through what is best for each of our kids and works together with Chris to help each kid thrive. As a team, we typically tackle the laundry together - we count it as a "date night in." Who knew laundry would be so much fun! We can't wait to add more to the pile with tiny onsies in the laundry pile again as we add more little ones to the beautiful chaos of our loving family. Our kids love to play together with many costume changes throughout the day. They argue like all siblings, but are quick to make things right and continue playing and laughing. We love that they have each other not just for play-mates but for the opportunity for us to teach them how to handle conflict and the appropriate ways to work through disagreements. They really are best friends and are all so excited to have more siblings through adoption. They talk about and pray for their future siblings literally EVERY DAY!

Our Home & Community

We live in an amazing master planned community. There are five parks already built within walking distance. There is an amazing community pool for the residence of our community which is a fun place to meet up with our neighborhood friends. We have appreciated finding more diversity in this new neighborhood than where we relocated from. A brand new elementary school is scheduled to open in 2021 in our neighborhood and we are so excited to get to walk the kids to school when it is finished. Our home is our happy place! We love day trips and weekend get aways but our home is where most of our memories are made. We aim to make it warm and inviting, we enjoy having friends and family over for dinner or play dates.

What We're All About

We love Jesus! We want to love and serve people like Jesus does. Regular gathering at Church is part of our family's normal rhythm. But we also realize that loving and worshiping Jesus is so much more than gathering with other believers in a church building. We worship daily in our home in how we love each other as husband and wife, how we raise our kids, how we treat strangers and neighbors, ect. We have enjoyed serving together as a family at local nonprofit organizations. We have been intentional to prepare ourselves for the welcomed possibility of transracial adoption from hair care classes to seeking out new ways to educate ourselves so that we can be the best parents we can be for all of our children. We take care to nurture all of our friendships, but as we've been on our adoption journey we have taken extra care to nurture more diverse friendships to ensure a healthy and diverse community around our family to enrich and benefit all of our children. We seriously have the most amazing support group who is so anxious to love on our family as it continues to grow in new and beautiful ways. We hope you will request more information and get connected to our wonderful adoption agency to review our full family profile.