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Adoptive Family Details

Family Facts

  • Region: Southwest
  • Faith: Catholic
  • Education: Graduate Degree

Kate & Eric

Our Family Values:

FAITH. Our time on Earth is limited. As a Family, it is our job to help each other achieve salvation.

FAMILY. They are always there for us; and our fondest memories in life are with Family.

INTEGRITY. Our word is everything to us.

SERVICE. It is our obligation to help others in this world.

WORK ETHIC. We believe hard work and success are related. We understand there are things out of our control that effect this correlation, but God asked us to give everything we have for the betterment of his Kingdom.

TIME. It is the most valuable resource in this world, and how we spend our time demonstrates what we value in life.

GENUINE. Be authentic to everyone – no need to change who you are regardless of circumstances.

PASSION. Everything we do comes with emotion and grit. You can rest-assured that will be our approach to raising our child.

FRIENDSHIP. It is not enough to be friendly. You have to be a true friend.

MODERATELY-CONSERVATIVE. We believe in saving money for the future and living within our means—but we are also open to taking calculated risks.

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Why Adoption?

Get Busy Livin’ is our motto for our life together that began over 11 years ago when we met on Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee with instant energy! In 2011, we married our best friend and could not image a world without each other. We are eager and ready to share our love and passion for life with children through adoption. With that we have the highest level of admiration and respect for the selfless path you have chosen. As people of faith, we believe experiences in life happen for a reason and the greatest challenges turn out to be the greatest blessings. Thank you for considering us. We are excited for the opportunity to share more, learn about you, and welcome you and our child as eternal members of our Family!

Get To Know Us

Eric describes Kate: It feels like yesterday when I first met Kate, as I vividly remember her big smile, piercing eyes, and zest for life! After a few dates it was evident she stood for so many of the key values important me. She has since been my “everything” and her mere presence provides me an amazing sense of comfort, peace, and love. I have never met anyone with Kate’s determination and mental toughness. She truly “wills” herself to success in everything she does (i.e. college volleyball and education, career), and I know she will carry the same focus as a mom because that “care” is who she is as a person. In addition to that she is one of the most likeable people you will meet because she exudes a genuine, caring, and humble aura. I love these qualities in Kate because it makes me strive to be a better person every day; and to me that is the definition of marriage. Kate describes Eric: Eric is my daily inspiration and has been since I first met him! I fell in love with his larger than life energy and contagious smile, and ability to bring the best out of everyone he encounters (including me). Everything Eric does — he does for others. His service over self mindset, natural charisma and genuine passion to lead has allowed him to live a fulfilling life. It has also been the foundation of his extraordinary professional success with 7 promotions in 9 years! However…no matter how busy life is Eric always maintains true perspective on what is most important. I believe Eric’s greatest gift lies ahead in being a dad. He has endless love and wisdom to give, and I am certain you will quickly recognize his gift of sharing!

Our Home & Community

Located within a central suburb of a major metropolitan city, our family is exposed to a wealth of opportunities to enjoy entertainment events, culture and history, the outdoors and recreational activities. And we have a very spacious SUV for our family to travel comfortable! Our neighborhood offers us an intimate sense of community. It wraps around a beautiful lake with various parks and trails throughout and a pool and elementary school within walking distance of our home. We are exceptionally fortunate to have a comfortable home with plenty of space for our growing family!

What We're All About

Fun facts about Eric: -Sports and entertainment executive -Grew up in small town Iowa -Played college football -Holds two masters degrees -Relaxes most when fishing -Gets his hair cut every 3 weeks -“Right Now” by Van Halen best describes his personality -Enjoys most…traveling with Kate! Fun facts about Kate: -Commercial real estate broker -Played college volleyball -Achieved a 4.0 GPA in college with a lot of all-nighters! -Favorite all-time snack is nachos -Learned to surf in Portugal while living abroad for 5 months in Austria -Relaxes most boating on the lake -Definitely NOT good at dancing -Enjoys most…traveling with Eric!