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Adoptive Family Details

Family Facts

  • Children: Two Children
  • Region: Northeast
  • Faith: Catholic
  • Education: Graduate Degree

Erin & Kevin

As a family we love to cook, travel and exercise together. One night every weekend, we cook a new recipe and either play a board game or watch movies. Every year we take one vacation outside of the States. In 2019, we spent two weeks in Japan where we hiked, took cooking classes, and visited temples. In 2018, we went to Jordan where we saw the Holy Land and camped out in the desert. Holidays are also an important part of our family. Every Thanksgiving we spend at my sister in law’s house in Massachusetts with her three children and Kevin’s parents, and Christmas we spend with my dad.

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Why Adoption?

We always knew we wanted a family with multiple children. Kevin is one of three, and I am an only child. I never wanted to have an only child to experience the loneliness I did. We always wanted to explore adoption. Our sister-in-law, and my best friend are both adopted and the bond they experience with their birth, as well as, biological family is something I always envied. Now, as an adoptive mother, I have a close relationship with our daughter’s biological mother and grandmother, as well as the adoptive mother of one of her siblings.

Get To Know Us

We are a family of four. Our eldest daughter is twelve and our younger a year. I am a psychology professor and my husband is in finance. We are both very involved in our daughters’ lives. For example, he and our eldest daughter won the father/daughter Halloween costume at her school. We are very close to our parents. We see Kevin’s family often as they live close to us. We enjoy going on hikes with them and having BBQs. My dad lives a little further but we spend the majority of the summer with him going to the local pool and golf course.

Our Home & Community

We live in a large City. We chose this as we wanted to raise our children in a diverse environment with many opportunities to explore different cultures. We are blessed to have many friends that are our social support network. Our older daughters best friend’s mom is our younger daughters God mother. We often go on family vacations with family friends. We are very close to our families, and spend a significant amount of time with them. My in-laws love the outdoors so we spend weekends hiking with them. My dad adores golf so often he golfs with my older daughter.

What We're All About

It sounds cliche but family is truly our most important value, and we want to instill this in our children. I chose a career where I would not be forced to leave my children over night as I believe they benefit from always having a parent home. We eat dinners together, as a family, at least five days a week. We speak to the girls’ grandparents every or every other day. We chose a private school for our eldest daughter, and hope to send our younger daughter there as well, focused on children’s social development and commitment to community.