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Adoptive Family Details

Family Facts

  • Region: Midwest
  • Faith: None
  • Education: College Degree

Meghan & Jacob

Hi There!
We're honored that you are taking the time to read our letter and learn about us. We can only imagine how overwhelming this is for you, and we are grateful you would consider us to parent your child. We hope that we can be part of your journey and give you peace with your decision.

We promise to love, nurture, and guide your child into becoming a joyful, inquisitive, and kind individual. We would
love to start our journey together and can’t wait to meet you!

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Why Adoption?

Adoption has always been something we've talked about and been excited to explore. Jake's Grandfather was adopted! After struggling with infertility, we know we're meant to build our family through adoption!

Get To Know Us

We met five years ago over a nervous conversation about our shared love of cooking (we talked about our favorite herbs for nearly fifteen minutes!). We later fell in love exploring the great outdoors, got engaged on a road trip to Glacier National Park, had a wonderful wedding, and (best part!) welcomed a puppy into our home!

Our Home & Community

Living in suburban St. Paul, Minnesota, we are lucky that our families live close by and we get to see them often. They are nearly as excited as we are to welcome an adopted child into our lives!

What We're All About

Jake about Meghan: Meghan is the funniest person I know, and we share a constant banter that gets us through everything. She loves baking (and watching shows about baking), and I always look forward to being a taste-tester in her kitchen! Meghan has built a successful career as an insurance underwriter. The best part about Meghan is her huge heart, which she shows by regularly spoiling our five nephews and nieces. Meghan about Jake: Jake is equal parts goofy and practical! He is just as happy canoeing in the Boundary Waters as he is sitting in front of a spreadsheet planning our future. This combination lends itself nicely to his career as an analyst at a large food company. The best part about Jake is that he thinks I’m the funniest person he knows (see above paragraph)! More importantly, he pushes me to try things outside of my comfort zone that have ultimately made the greatest of memories.