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Find an AdoptMatch-Approved Professional


It used to be that adoptive parents were often the only party represented in an adoption. In most cases, the expectant mother (who was the only one giving up her legal rights) would usually go through the adoption process without any representation. Thankfully, ethical adoption professionals are starting to recognize that this doesn’t make sense. In any other legal realm, both sides are always represented—why wouldn’t it be the same for adoption?

Consequently, we are trying to do things differently here at AdoptMatch. We believe all expectant parents have the right to separate legal representation. That being said, we’ve vetted all of our AdoptMatch partners to ensure that they, too, are on board. For that reason, you can be confident that any AdoptMatch family is working with a professional who practices the highest standard of ethics. They all agree to help you connect with your own attorney, free of charge to you.

And if you are not seeing the “right” family for you on AdoptMatch, fear not! We encourage you to view the The AdoptMatch Directory for a chance to see even more waiting adoptive families. This directory also identifies which attorneys represent expectant parents themselves, which could be a great starting point. They all would be happy to speak with you about your specific situation and answer your questions about adoption.