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Here's what's most important when considering adoption for your child.




AdoptMatch is not an adoption agency, adoption lawyer, adoption center, or adoption facilitator. We are a nonprofit organization that helps women considering adoption find:


  • Icon   Reliable Information About Adoption
  • Icon   Local, Licensed & Ethical Adoption Providers
  • Icon   Experienced  Counselors
  • Icon   Help With Pregnancy-Related Expenses
  • Icon   Support From Other Birth Moms 

A safe and healthy adoption is possible with support from licensed, trustworthy adoption professionals. Stay away from unlicensed baby brokers.


Get honest answers and the support you need.

If you're pregnant and considering adoption for your child, you probably have lots of questions about how adoption works. AdoptMatch provides the kind of  information you may not find anywhere else online—information you need to fully consider your adoption options such as:  why you shouldn't work with an unlicensed baby broker, how to choose the best adoption agency and adoption attorney, how to find the right adoptive parents for your child, and which kind of support is available for you—during and after your pregnancy.

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Choosing adoption for your child is one of the most difficult decisions you'll ever make.

The best place to get advice about adoption is from licensed and experienced adoption professionals in your area.  AdoptMatch is here to help you connect with the kind of resources you need to successfully navigate those challenges.

10 Keys to a Safe & Healthy Adoption

Adoption is a permanent decision and one you should make ONLY after you have all the facts. Discover what you need to know if you're considering adoption for your child.

If you want to make an informed choice, you first need to understand your adoption options.

We educate women about what to expect when choosing adoption and then show them how to connect with licensed, local, and ethical adoption providers and families ready to adopt.

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The First 3 Steps to Considering Adoption

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Connect with us.

Tell us about your circumstances know and find out why it's important to stay away from unlicensed adoption brokers and work only with a licensed adoption agency or attorney in your area.
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Learn about adoption.

Get the facts and understand how adoption works from beginning to end. Find out why it's so important to work with licensed, ethical adoption providers close to where you are.
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Find local support.

Get connected with judgment-free support during and after your pregnancy, including help with living expenses, finding the right adoptive family, counseling,  medical care, and legal representation.

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