Got Ethics?

If so, AdoptMatch wants to partner with you. It's free!

More than ever, hopeful adoptive parents and expectant parents considering adoption are confused about where to turn for help and frustrated by the unethical practices of some adoption professionals they encounter along the way.

In response, AdoptMatch is building a community of ethical and experienced adoption professionals who adhere to best practices, and connecting those professionals and their waiting adoptive families to expectant parents considering adoption. 

To become an AdoptMatch partner, you must be a licensed agency or attorney, and must affirm AdoptMatch's Guiding Principles. There are never any costs associated with becoming an AdoptMatch-Approved Professional.

If a waiting adoptive family wishes to show their profile on, they must have completed a home study and be working with an AdoptMatch-Approved Professional.

3 Steps to Becoming an AdoptMatch Partner

Review Our Guiding Principles

We believe that every adoption should include: separate legal representation for the placing parent, a written post-adoption contact agreement (regardless of the terms of contact), post-adoption support for the birth mother, and reasonable fees for adoptive parents. Review the AdoptMatch Guiding Principles.

Schedule a Call

If you are an attorney or the Executive Director of an adoption agency who adheres to the AdoptMatch Guiding Principles, we invite you to schedule a 30-minute call with one of our founders to learn more about AdoptMatch’s mission to expand our community of ethical adoption providers and connect our partners' hopeful adoptive families with expectant mothers considering adoption.

Affirm the AdoptMatch Guiding Principles

After your call with an AdoptMatch founder, you will have an opportunity to provide additional information about your agency or firm's matching process, fees, and post-adoption support, and affirm the four AdoptMatch Guiding Principles.

Partner With Us

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