Frequently Asked Questions

AdoptMatch is here to provide you with honest information about private adoption and connect you with ethical adoption professionals who can assist you in the process. We receive a lot of questions about how AdoptMatch works, so we've put together some of the most frequently asked ones below.


What does AdoptMatch do?

AdoptMatch educates expectant and adoptive parents about the adoption process and helps them find  licensed, trustworthy adoption professionals in their state who follow AdoptMatch's Guiding Principles, including:  

●    Access to Separate Legal Representation
●    Clear, Written Communication about Post-Adoption Contact
●    Qualified and Adequate Post-Placement Support for Placing Parents
●    Reasonable and Justifiable Fees for Adoptive Parents


Does AdoptMatch connect expectant parents with prospective adoptive parents?

No. AdoptMatch never acts as an intermediary between prospective adoptive families and expectant parents. AdoptMatch connects expectant and adoptive parents with licensed, ethical adoption professionals in their state, not with each other.


Why Does AdoptMatch Feature Waiting Adoptive Families?

The AdoptMatch Family Gallery showcases potential adoptive families who are working with one of  AdoptMatch’s Partner Agencies or Partner Attorneys. After decades of working in domestic adoption, we understand that the professionals involved play a pivotal role in determining how the parties are treated throughout the adoption process. Licensed and ethical agencies and attorneys safeguard their clients from exploitation, ensure their needs are met, and protect their legal rights.


Do waiting adoptive families pay a fee to have their profile shown in the AdoptMatch Family Gallery?

No. AdoptMatch does not charge any fees. The only requirement for adoptive families is that they have a valid home study and are actively working with an AdoptMatch Partner.


What is the AdoptMatch Partner Network?

Our Partner Network is a nationwide community of licensed adoption professionals with shared values and ethical standards.


How can adoption providers become a partner of AdoptMatch?

To qualify as an AdoptMatch partner, an adoption professional must be a licensed adoption agency or attorney who adheres to AdoptMatch’s Guiding Principles. Our co-founders vet each agency or attorney, and they must reaffirm their commitment to the guiding principles biannually.


Do adoption professionals pay a fee to become an AdoptMatch Partner?

No. AdoptMatch never charges adoption professionals a fee for partnership or any other aspect of participation in the AdoptMatch Community. The price of admission for licensed professionals is their adherence to our Guiding Principles


How is AdoptMatch funded?
AdoptMatch and AdoptChange are projects of Ethical Family Building, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization funded by donors who have been impacted by adoption and believe in our mission to promote ethical practices in domestic adoption.