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AdoptMatch is working to protect women, families, and children impacted by domestic adoption.

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2022 National Adoption Conference:

Justice for All:
The Importance of Separate Legal Representation for Expectant Moms

AdoptMatch Policy Director, Kelsey Vander Vliet Ranyard and Founder, Celeste Liversidge had the opportunity to present at the 2022 National Adoption Conference on the importance of  separate legal representation for expectant mothers in private adoptions. 



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How social media has influenced the way people adopt

TikTok, Instagram and Facebook are becoming more common channels for hopeful families to find expectant mothers for newborn adoptions, but not without risk for everyone involved.

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Time Cover

The Baby Brokers:

Inside America's Murky Private-Adoption Industry

Shyanne Klupp was 20 years old and homeless when she met her boyfriend in 2009. Within weeks, the two had married, and within months, she was pregnant... 

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Liberty Road

Liberty Road Podcast:

How an Adoption Attorney is Changing the Status Quo Like a Boss

Listen to the Liberty Road Podcast interview with AdoptMatch Founder and Attorney, Celeste Liversidge.

Throughout her tenure as a lawyer, Celeste has been listening, observing, and identifying the gaps in the adoption industry. Her justice-minded passion kept her up late many nights thinking about ways to safeguard domestic adoption for birth mothers, adoptive parents, and children being adopted.  Her ideas propelled her to take an entrepreneurial approach and the result was not one, not two, but THREE new adoption-related ventures.


Newsy (Now SCRIPPS News):

Baby Brokers

As demand outpaces supply in the private adoption world, many unlicensed and unregulated middlemen make huge profits—often at the expense of vulnerable women, children, and families. 


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2021 National Adoption Conference:

The Impact of Nationwide Advertising on Domestic Adoption

The AdoptMatch Founders and Policy Director presented at the 2021 National Adoption Conference on how nationwide internet advertising has created significant risk for women looking for help with adoption online. They explained how these practices contribute to profit-fueled domestic adoptions and explored what can be done to combat this growing problem.

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ACAL Conference 2022

Best Practices:
Analysis of Media Spotlight on Ethics in Domestic Adoption

Celeste Liversidge presented at the Academy of California Adoption Lawyer's 2022 seminar in Los Angeles, CA on the importance of ethics in domestic adoption and the recent negative media coverage of certain adoption practices.

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Thinking About Adoption Podcast

The podcast for expectant moms considering adoption. Hosted by AdoptMatch.

Join Attorney Celeste Liversidge and Birth Mom Kelsey Vander Vliet Ranyard as they inform, educate, and tell the truth about how adoption works and what an expectant mother considering adoption should do to protect herself and her child.


Join AdoptMatch on their mission to promote ethical adoption.

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