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Why is private adoption so confusing?

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Having a clear path to adoption from the outset, based on realistic expectations, allows you to focus on preparing to open your heart to a child.


With your heart on the line and limited resources,

someone needs to pull back the curtain about how domestic adoption actually works, so that you know what to expect, how to prepare, and exactly where your investment is going.

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Waiting and wondering are hard. You deserve to have a clear, realistic understanding of the adoption process.
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You also deserve reassurance that the expectant mom is being treated fairly, honestly, and with respect.
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With something like adoption that is so personal and so important, understanding how to manage your expectations isn't really optional.
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How the adoption industry can keep parents in the dark.

Many adoptions are handled in a way that isn’t in anyone's best interest.


Adoption Brokers

...act like they are an adoption agency that can help you find a baby to adopt, but too often they treat adoptive families and expectant mothers like a cash register before passing you on to a licensed agency.


Popular Websites

...promise fast connections with expectant moms but deliver painfully slow progress full of risky and unvetted opportunities that put you on an emotional rollercoaster and drain your resources. A healthy adoption shouldn’t feel like online shopping.


Unlicensed Adoption Providers

...make big promises, but too often fail to deliver the right opportunities or the kind of support you actually need throughout the process. Because their focus is on “making the match,” unlicensed adoption providers often pressure adoptive parents to accept a match that isn't a good fit at all.

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Refuse to be kept in the dark.


Transparency and realistic expectations are crucial for a healthy adoption. If you want to approach your adoption with a clear understanding of what to expect, there’s only one place to begin your journey.