The first step
in considering adoption shouldn't be filling out paperwork.


Is this you?

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So many thoughts on your mind, so many questions, and more than a short list of problems.

Everyone in your life has a different story to share or an opinion about what you should do.

It can be hard to find someone who knows the real adoption facts - and someone you can trust.

You deserve to know the whole story - that includes knowing
what to do before, during, and after adoption.

You need a safe space to explore the realities of adoption for you. A place you can ask your questions
and get the whole story from someone you trust.

Someone who understands what you're going through
All the information you need to make  an informed decision
Not just the easy "rainbows and unicorns,"
the real deal

It's easy to feel alone and confused when you have more questions than answers and don't know who to ask.

What you need to know right now is that you cannot trust just anyone to tell you the truth or help you with this important decision.


Adoption Brokers

Some companies you find online don’t actually do adoptions, they just advertise about adoption and then collect big fees from the family who ends up adopting your baby. They don't connect you to families they know personally, so your private information gets passed along until it finally reaches the families waiting to adopt. on several times, then finally to the families. This is a bad way to go through an adoption, and makes it hard to find adoptive parents that are a good fit for you and your child. These brokers (also called “adoption facilitators”) are actually illegal in many states, but often simply ignore  the adoption laws designed to protect you and the baby so they can collect their big fees.

You should avoid adoption brokers or facilitators. You and your baby are not commodities to be used for profit. Let AdoptMatch help you connect with licensed, ethical adoption professionals and wonderful families who are ready to adopt.


Big Adoption Providers

Tons of information, plus pages after page of families wanting to adopt, can be overwhelming. The last thing you need right now is a long list of things to read and paperwork to complete. Choosing a family to adopt your child shouldn’t feel like online shopping (Especially if it won’t get you any closer to understanding how adoption works).

No amount of information on a website can replace connecting with a community of experts who have your back and understand what you need right now.


Unlicensed Adoption Providers

Some people who say they'll help you don’t even have a license to do adoptions. They promise all kinds of support, but they often ignore the most important parts of a truly good adoption plan. Their services may be more focused on making money than helping you to find the right match or protecting you or your child.

If they have no license, you don’t have any way of knowing you’ll be treated fairly, or if promises will be kept. 

Don't be kept in the dark.

You deserve to have all of your questions answered honestly, without getting lost in a sea of paperwork and faces of hopeful adoptive parents.

You need to find an adoption provider you can trust.

Next, get the whole story about your adoption options from a birth mother who understands what you’re going through.