AdoptMatch | Is AdoptMatch Legal In My State?

Is AdoptMatch Legal In My State?

Probably yes.  Hey, we’re lawyers, so we need to say “probably.”  Laws regarding advertising in hopes of finding an Expectant Parent vary greatly by state so we recommend that you consult with your Adoption Professional before signing up with AdoptMatch.  The intent behind most of these laws is to prevent adoptive parents and/or professionals from offering an Expectant Parent money in exchange for her consent to an adoption. Some states are trying to prevent facilitators from making adoption matches. Since AdoptMatch is simply a point of contact between Expectant and Adoptive Parents, does not collect a fee when a successful match is made and ensures that all initial contact between you and an Expectant Parent goes through your Adoption Professional, we are confident that your use of AdoptMatch does not violate any State laws, as currently enforced.  We add the caveat “as currently enforced” because many of the laws were written back in the days of telephone books and Penny Saver ads and are pretty cryptic to read.

While the internet has completely altered the landscape of adoption matching, AdoptMatch remains dedicated to promoting the very highest ethical standards throughout the adoption process.