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How AdoptMatch Works

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Connect with a community of vetted, ethical adoption professionals committed to transparency for both Adoptive Families and Expectant Parents.

Clarity and respect produce safe matches and healthy adoption stories.




Clarity and transparent choices

Everyone begins with a clear understanding of all their real options, specific challenges, and concerns. No one will try to force-fit a match or withhold information that you or the expectant mother needs to make the right decision about moving forward.


Healthy process that respects both Expectant Mothers and Adoptive Families

Key steps are in place throughout the process that protect families, expectant mothers, and their children. Each party has their own qualified advocate looking out for them.


Visibility with a broad group of informed, invested, and vetted Expectant Mothers

Your profile is shared with expectant mothers who are making informed choices and only with those who have been verified on the AdoptMatch platform. 

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Healthy adoption stories are written with honesty and respect.

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The right kind of support helps you:


Foster mutual respect and safer matches
Connect with informed and verified expectant mothers who understand their options
Replace the emotional rollercoaster with clear expectations and expert support
Understand the reasonable costs involved in an adoption, and how your resources are being used to accomplish your goal.
Reduce anxiety and set yourself up for the right expectations
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My experience with AdoptMatch has been superb! AdoptMatch is a game-changer for adoptive parents wanting to get profile visibility. The number one reason why I chose to allow AdoptMatch to showcase my profile was their professionalism, caring staff, experience and their desire to help both birth mothers and adoptive families. They are single-parent-friendly, which a lot of adoptive profile services are not.

Adoptive Parent
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It was very helpful to have things filtered through our attorney at the beginning before we got too emotionally involved. I don’t think we’d be parents now without AdoptMatch. We waited so long using traditional methods with no results; now we’ve got a sweet baby boy in our arms.

Tessa + Jason
Adoptive Parents
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Trying to get our adoption profile seen by expectant mothers felt somewhat hopeless until we signed up with AdoptMatch. Two months later, our daughter’s birth mom found us on AdoptMatch from the other side of the country!

Julie + Glen
Adoptive Parents
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Thank you so much!! My husband and I are so grateful for you all. Your site does a wonderful job making adoptive families feel welcomed and helped. We will recommend AdoptMatch to prospective adoptive families and birth mamas considering adoption that we meet.

Adoptive Parent
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Discover How You Can Have a SafeMatch™

Connect with vetted and informed expectant mothers and ethical adoption providers who take the confusion out of the adoption process.