There may be more to the adoption story than you've been told.

AdoptMatch is on a mission to protect you and your child by connecting you with ethical adoption agencies, attorney, and hopeful adoptive parents

If you want to make the right choice,
you need to understand your options.

Connect with an AdoptMatch Advocate


How to find the information you actually need.

Here's what it takes to get to the right information:


Hearing from someone committed to protecting you and your child

An open, honest discussion is what it takes to make a decision you can feel good about for the rest of your life.

A trusted space to ask the hard questions

You need to know about the most difficult parts of placing your child for adoption. And, you also need to hear about the amazing things that have happened for birth moms (and their children) who chose adoption.

Help from people that are licensed and ethical with a proven record of helping

You need to know how to connect with people you can trust and which questions you should always ask a family that’s hoping to adopt.

You deserve honest conversation

with someone who truly understands what you're going through.

The right kind of advice will help you:

  • Feel confident about the path you choose for yourself and your child.

  • Feel at peace about taking the next steps in your journey.

  • See hope into your future and your baby's future.

  • Get connected to a community of women who understand what you're going through.

  • Find people you can trust to guide you each step of the way.
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As a birth mom and adoption professional, I truly appreciate AdoptMatch’s mission to empower expectant moms by making sure they are educated in an unbiased and transparent manner.

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Adoption Professional + Birth Mom
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It’s very stressful to have to choose adoptive parents for your child. You don’t know where to look or which questions to ask. I knew that the couples on AdoptMatch would keep their promises. That made a huge difference for me.

Birth Mom
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My main piece of advice is to try to find someone that is in your area to help you. AdoptMatch got me in touch with a really good honest agency one town over instead of the first one I talked to who was 8 states away!

Birth Mom
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Looking for info about adoption online is 100% guaranteed to be confusing. I didn’t know who to trust. AdoptMatch showed me how to get my questions answered. Let’s just say, I had many, many questions!

Birth Mom
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There are a lot of questions you should be asking.

Learn about the process from people on a mission to protect you and your child.