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Personal Trainer and Teacher

New York


All About Aimee

I'm excited about starting a family and becoming a mom. I'm energetic, creative, athletic and upbeat. I am always positive because my life really is great. 

I'm a personal trainer and I also teach indoor cycling and bootcamp classes.in addition to being a personal trainer, during the school year, I also teach high school and college gym classes and preschool art classes. In the summer I teach kids how to ride a two-wheeler bicycle which is such a fun job. I love how excited and proud of themselves the kids are when they finally learn how to ride. I love children of all ages and can't wait to become a mom.

I am around children of all ages a lot of the time, whether it's in school, teaching bike lessons, baking with my friends' kids or hanging out with my friends and family who all have lots of children. My hours are flexible so I have a lot of time to devote to a child and to provide all the love, support and attention a child needs.  I love art projects, home improvement projects, cooking, baking, and doing anything creative. I knit and crochet my own sweaters and I also have many baby blankets and hats that I made just waiting for a little one to come along. 

I love to travel and see different places and meet different types of people.   I hope to share that love for adventure with my child. Whether it's flying to another state or country, or taking a road trip, we can find adventures wherever we go. Not only will I try to be a positive role model, but I hope to help my child be the best she/he can be and help them shine. I hope they follow their dreams and I will do everything I can to help their dreams come true. I am very supportive and I have a very "you can do it" kind of attitude in life, which I hope to pass along.

Why Adoption?

Since I currently don’t have a husband or partner to start a family with, adoption is the right choice for me. I have several friends who were adopted and who have adopted and they have all had very positive adoption experiences. Adoption will provide me with a chance to be a parent, which I have dreamed about my entire life no matter if there’s a genetic connection or not. Family is much more than genetics — family is love. And I am blessed to be in a position to offer a lot of love and a financially and emotionally stable home.

Family & Home

I own a home on Long Island, NY near many beaches which I go to all the time, a beautiful harbor that is great for bike riding and walking and a great school system. I am only a short drive from all the excitement of New York City and I go there quite often. As a child, I grew up a few blocks from the beach, and some of my fondest childhood memories are of spending weekends going there with my family and especially my grandma, who always brought the best-tasting fruit to have as a snack. We would jump the waves and build sand castles and I can't wait to take my own child to the beach so we can share those great summer experiences and have fun at the beach together. A few of my friends also have swimming pools in their backyards, so there are lots of fun summer activities waiting.

I also really love the winter and especially playing in the snow. I'm so glad I live in a state that has all the different seasons. I would love to teach my child how to build a snowman, make snow angels, and have snowball fights....which of course I would let him/her win :)

My home is filled with love, stories, music, creativity, and lots of yummy foods.

How others describe me

My best friends would describe me as loving, caring and supportive, confident and positive. I am a great cook and baker (which is why I host Thanksgiving every year) and I have an outgoing personality. I am rarely in a bad mood and I am pretty easygoing. I don’t sweat the small stuff and overall am a very low-stressed person. 

One thing my friends get mad at me about is: even though I am tall (I am 5’7”), when my friends and I go out, I still wear really high heels. This always makes them mad at me because they tell me it’s not fair for me to wear such high heels when I am already so much taller than they are and they never get a chance to catch up with me :)

Advice to Future Child

Some advice I would give to my future child is to dream big and never lose your imagination, find your path to happiness and follow it with passion, and always be good to your mom :)


Perspectives on Open Adoption

To me, open adoption means that I am open to whatever the birth parent(s) want(s). I would love to have an adoption where the birth parent (s) is/are involved in the child’s life however much they want to be. However, I will of course be respectful if a closed adoption is preferred. I would certainly send pictures and videos if that is what is wanted and I would travel to wherever is necessary for both the birth of the baby and to make sure that visits with the baby and birth mom are possible if that is what the birth parent(s) want.



  • Favorite Movie: any romantic comedies
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: anything that involves lots of eating
  • Hobbies/Interests: traveling, knitting, cooking, baking, sports, finding adventures
  • Dream Vacation: I’m happy to travel anywhere new; the most important thing is who I travel with.
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: the ability to duplicate/clone myself

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