Welcome! Meet:

Anthony + Katie

K9 Correctional Officer / Special Education Teacher

Caucasian / Hispanic


Why Adoption?

Adoption has always been a positive part of our discussion of starting a family and when we found out we would not be able to expand our family naturally, the decision to adopt was easy to make. Unfortunately, we have gone through the pain and heartache of failed fertility treatments and a miscarriage, but these hard times do not take away from how excited we are to become parents through adoption. Our community of family and friends will undoubtedly be there every step of the way to love and help our child grow and succeed. We are open to all forms of communication with birth parents and promise to always do what is best for the child.

Family & Home

Anthony is 30 years old and works as a K9 Correctional Officer who gets to go to work everyday with his four legged best friend, Rocky. I am a elementary special education teacher who works with students with autism. We both find our careers to be fulfilling and rewarding, but we can not wait for the best job of all, being parents. In Anthony’s free time, he enjoys exercising, watching movies, and working around the house. In my free time, I enjoy being outdoors, painting, and exercising. But what we love most is spending time together. On any given weekend we can be found working in the backyard, at our communities’ park or pool, playing with our 6 year old chihuahua Bryant (named after our favorite basketball player, Kobe Bryant), or relaxing on the couch watching one of our favorite movies. When we are not at home some of our favorite activities include attending sporting events, visiting local festivals and fairs, or going on a hike. Traveling is by far what makes us the happiest. We have been fortunate enough to have traveled to many great places such as Italy, Hawaii, and the Bahamas and we can not wait to add a little explorer to our family and make more family memories.

We have lived in our home for several years now and we consider it to be our forever home. From the moment we walked in we were in love. What we love most about our home was the community it is in. It is a small gated community with many parks and a swimming pool for the residents. There are many families that reside in the neighborhood and on any given day you will find families having picnics by the park, kids playing on the playground, or families barbecuing at the pool. Our community provides all of the things we would like to do with our own child one day. Being an elementary school teacher in the area our child would be able to come to work with me each day and receive a great education. Not only do we have a great community, but we have a great support system in our families. Anthony has two sisters and one brother who are all very close. He also has a great relationship with both of his parents. I have one sister and similarly have an amazing relationship with her and my parents as well. Together we have two nieces and three nephews who we love to spend time with whenever we can. Our family visits us often and we see them any chance we can. We love getting together with our families for weekend barbecues as well as going on family vacations. In addition to our family, we have a great network of friends that we have grown very close to over the years, most of them with young children. We can not wait to add another playmate to the group.