Welcome! Meet:

Bart + Anne

Scientist / Psychologist

New York



All About Bart & Anne

We are both in our early 30’s and live in New York City. Our home in Manhattan is the ideal location to raise a child. Anne works as a psychologist at a local hospital and Bart is a scientist studying the Universe. We enjoy morning walks at Central Park with our puppy (Woody), cycling in and around NYC, hiking upstate and hosting dinners and brunches (with lots of waffles and pancakes guaranteed!). We love animals and ever since our puppy Woody joined our family, we make sure that he is living his absolute best life. Anne is a great cook! She enjoys preparing healthy dishes and delicious pastries. She cares a great deal about making our home feel cozy and even decorates according to season. Bart enjoys watching and playing sports just as much as having a lazy Sunday on the couch. He’s very outgoing and social and loves meeting new people.

Why Adoption?

As a couple, we have always desired to be parents and even though we didn't initially plan to adopt, we realized over time this was the best way for us as Anne cannot safely carry a baby. From the moment we told our families, they have been our biggest advocates and through their support and enthusiasm, we are convinced and even more excited that this was the right path for us. 

Family & Home

We currently live in midtown Manhattan, in walking-distance to Central Park and the Hudson. Our neighborhood is very family-friendly with various playgrounds and good schools. We have an Australian Shepard puppy named Woody and we go for long walks to Central Park with him every morning. He’s very sweet and loyal and follows us everywhere - he is our little shadow. We often bring him around our friends with children and he is very patient and loves playing with them! We have a close circle of friends who also live in the area along with our parents and siblings who are all supportive of our decision and will surely play an important role our child’s life. We are confident they will make the most loving grandparents/aunties.

How others describe me

We work best as a team and we truly complement one another. We are both very ambitious and motivated, not only in our jobs but in everything we do in life, We encourage each other to pursue our dreams and passions. Anne dreams of running the NY marathon if her back allows it again. And Bart's life goal is to become a professor in astrophysics. We are both sporty and one of our favorite activities is to go on long cycling tours through New York or New Jersey. Before Anne's back surgery we would go on long runs together and we even did a race together (Anne was of course faster than Bart). Despite Bart being a night owl (and Anne being a morning person) Anne dragged Bart for long runs along the shore before breakfast. Bart enjoys watching sports as much as doing it, and closely follows his favorite soccer and basketball teams. Anne enjoys cooking and she doesn't need a recipe to create a great dinner. Together we like watching movies and shows and we can get super excited about traveling to a country we haven't visited yet.