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Ben + Angela

Housing / Actor




All About Ben & Angela

We're both all about people and have been drawn to jobs that put people at the front. Ben works in multi-family housing, and while the pandemic has made it challenging, he's been able to lead his team with compassion. Until recently, he was also a church pastor. When the lead pastor stepped down, Ben led the church for almost a year until a new, full-time pastor was installed. Even though Hollywood took a breather last year, Angela still booked two shows. The slow down did allow her to collaborate with others on a few projects as well. When not acting, Angela's a designer and DIYer. If you've looked a space and felt it needed it needed something to make it feel like home - Angela's your girl. Colors, patterns, built ins - you name it, she's built it or painted it. If the weekends aren't filled with projects, it's filled with friends, and our dog, Indiana. Though she's slowing down (she's almost ten) Ben still takes her to the park to run around every day that he can. Most of our friends already have small children, so instead of going out, we tend to cook for larger groups and entertain for all ages. If you can cook it on a grill, Ben's tried it and Angela just makes any space gorgeous. Family is close-ish and we get to see them as much as we can.


Why Adoption?

For us, adoption is a calling. It's something that God put on our hearts early on in our lives. As we grew together as a couple, that calling has gotten stronger. After almost 12 years of marriage, we feel like we can answer the call. We are "choosing" this route to start and grow our family and we are humbled by the fact that a birth Momma will "choose" us to love their child unconditionally and trust us with such a beautiful blessing. We don't take this responsibility lightly.

Family & Home

We live in one of the buildings Ben manages, except that the ownership group lets Angela design it. - so its an updated and customized take on a Southern California apartment. We're just outside of LA, in the Valley but very walkable parks, restaurants, and shops. We're actively house hunting, although it is a very competitive market. In our eight years in LA, we've made some great friends and they're all starting to grow their families as well. Many of our friends are from Ben's work, but a lot are from Angela's jobs as an actress. Hollywood is tough, so when you find like minded and good hearted people, you tend to stick together. Ben's family - mom, sister, brother-in-law, and nephew are close by as well.