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All About Ben & Meg

We are Meg and Ben, two warm, loyal, fun-loving, and family-focused professionals looking to start a family in the Philly suburbs. For us, adoption represents love, hope, and open hearts. We know that, for you, it’s one of your life's most difficult and important decisions We see you, we respect you, and we’re so happy you decided to take a look at our profile.

We hope in this profile you will get to know us and learn what is important to us as parents and humans. We are humbled and honored by the thought that you might entrust us with your child, and we know you have chosen to consider this path out of a loving desire to see your child have the brightest possible future. We are so excited that we might have the opportunity to begin that future with you and raise your child to be confident and proud of all parts of their story, including the selfless, love-driven decision you’re making to bring us all together.

Why Adoption?

We have always liked the idea of adopting and, over the years, have talked more seriously about wanting to do it at some point in our family-building journey. We wanted to start a family soon after our wedding and tried naturally. During the strange and scary time of 2020, we leaned into fertility treatment options, but it became clear that adoption was the best option to start growing our family. When 2022 rolled around, and the world became closer to “normal,” or at least more “open,” we couldn’t wait to begin our adoption journey.

We look forward to giving our children unconditional love and support and walking alongside them with encouragement and guidance as they discover their story - and of course,  honoring you as a valuable part of their life.

Family & Home

We live toward the eastern end of Philadelphia’s  historic “main line.” It’s a relatively dense suburb providing a vibrant mix of cultures in a tree-lined neighborhood with streets still quiet enough for kids to do chalk art in the middle of the road. Our house is a single-family custom stone Tudor built in 1940, which occupies a corner lot at the top of a hill. It’s a  two-story home with three bedrooms, large windows letting in lots of natural light, and a  spacious yard with lush grass, hydrangeas, and an enchanting maple tree.

We jokingly call our home the “Christmas  House” because it looks like Mr. and Mrs. Claus lived here at some point - it has the red roof,  red shutters, and a stone exterior and all! With our recent landscaping project completed,  others have told us our home looks inviting and warm. One of our favorite things at home is sitting in the Adirondack chairs, enjoying the fire pit, reading, or making s’mores. When the weather isn’t nice enough for that, we like to spend time in our living room, which has a giant bay window, having coffee or a glass of wine and talking with friends. The neighborhood is chock full of young families, with daycare at the church down the street, several parks,  and the perfect sledding hill for the winter.

MEG’S FAMILY: We are very close to my family. My mom and dad are funny, involved,  and supportive parents, and we talk daily. I have a niece and nephew who are in their  teens, and they have a baby half-sister. My family will be a large part of the baby’s life because my mother will stay with us to help provide care throughout the first year. We also travel to the Connecticut shore to be with them often all summer at our beach house. My sister is my best friend and will also be here to help out when needed. 

I also have a large group of cousins that live in Charlotte that we visit regularly. My cousins  have young children, and the group continues to grow. I hope our child will form lifelong  bonds with their cousins like I had growing up. 

BEN’S FAMILY: I am the oldest of three siblings. My sister and her husband live in  Minnesota and have two dogs. My brother and his wife live on the side of a mountain in  Virginia, and they also have two dogs! My brother shares my love of cars and road trip adventures, and we plan yearly getaways with my cousin in Pittsburgh. Both of my siblings are excited for us to start a family, and they will definitely want to spoil our kid! 

My parents still live in the house where I grew up, and my mom is caring for her 90-year-old  mother. She loves babies more than anything, but I think my dad will melt the most when they meet their first grandchild.

How others describe me


“Meg is all heart. She has taken the lead on so many big decisions in our lives,  and after what is probably way too much analysis on my part, she always makes me feel comfortable and confident that we’re doing the right thing. Children gravitate to her and are so engaged by her. I’ve been in the picture long enough to see her influence on our niece and nephew since they were young. I know  she will be an amazing mother who combines thoughtful, reasoned parenting  with endless understanding and compassion.” 



“I love quite a few things about Ben, including his sense of humor. He cracks me up, and laughing with him brings me so much joy. He is the “yin to my yang.” I lead with my heart first and my head second. He leads with his head first by analyzing any situation,  weighing the risks, the pros, and the cons. He thinks of things I may have missed - which gives me peace. I love asking him about his hobbies and how he passionately responds when discussing things he loves. He is such a loving person. I see him with my niece  and nephew and his cousin’s baby; he is so gentle and fun.”

how we met

How We Met

How did a girl from the picturesque Adirondack mountains of New York meet a guy from a quaint rural town in Pennsylvania? 

Our story goes back to one of my (Meg) summer breaks when I worked at a yacht club in Lake  George, New York. I became close friends with one of my co-workers, who eventually became my roommate when I moved to Boston, Massachusetts. She connected me with Ben, one of her close friends from law school.

We discovered we had much in common on our first few dates - a love for animals, travel,  sailing, and an appreciation of 80’s summer comedies. Until then, no one else could make me laugh like Ben. As time continued, we grew closer,  but the distance between Philadelphia and Boston got old quickly; it didn’t take long for me to move to Philadelphia!

After five years of dating, I (Ben) proposed to Meg as the sun rose over the Philadelphia skyline on a  cool Thanksgiving morning. We were on a road trip to Connecticut to visit Meg’s family for a holiday, and I pulled off the route to one of our favorite lookout points and asked her to marry me. She said yes, and two years later, we married at one of our favorite places, Savannah, Georgia.

We’ve traveled far and wide, established a warm home in a vibrant community, volunteered for important causes, and even picked up some wild hobbies - for example, Ben became an amateur race car driver with the BMW club! We love the life we’ve created, the traditions we share,  our adventures, and our unwavering devotion to building a family together. We are full of excitement to grow our family through adoption!

Advice to Future Child

Here’s what we can promise: 

  • We promise to provide you with a stable, committed, family-focused childhood and will know unconditional love from us and our extended families. 
  • You will have boundless encouragement and opportunity to explore your own passions and imagination. 
  • You will have plenty of daily giggles and story time every night. 
  • You will have the opportunity to pursue education as far as you would like to go – we view education as a vital part of becoming a well-rounded human, and acknowledge that it takes many forms. Our parents supported us in choosing our own educational paths and we want you to have pride and satisfaction in your educational achievements, whatever they may be.
  • You will be raised to be confident, humble, and proud of your full story, including the incredible story of adoption.

Perspectives on Open Adoption

You have our full commitment to maintaining an open adoption so that you will always have an open door to be a positive presence in the child’s life if you wish to do so. We will always be grateful for you as a person, not just for your choice in giving us the gift of parenthood.



  • Favorite Movie: Rushmore
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: 
  • Hobbies/Interests: car culture, travel, reading, film, exploring the outdoors
  • Dream Vacation: Pacific Coast Highway drive in a convertible
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: save all animals from mistreatment by humans


  • Favorite Movie: Perks of Being a Wallflower
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Christmastime in Philadelphia and decorating the house to be warm and seasonal
  • Hobbies/Interests: travel - the planning and exploring, reading- turning the pages of a great book, being outdoors, painting- oil or acrylic, Broadway shows
  • Dream Vacation: taking the Belmond Train across Europe
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: ability to travel at the speed of light so we can travel to more places

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