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Blake + Josie

State Employee / Education




All About Blake & Josie

In December 2005, we met on a blind date arranged by family. We continued dating throughout the next year, until our engagement. We were engaged for 2.5 years and we wed in May 2009. Together, we enjoy traveling, spending time with family and friends, exploring historical sites, visiting museums, attending livestock shows, and living the country life.

Why Adoption?

We are pursuing adoption because we feel that we can offer a loving home in a rural setting.  Additionally, we are well-educated and believe we can provide a stable and opportunity-filled home for a child(ren).

Family & Home

Our Home: 

We own and operate a purebred cattle operation on a large acreage near our home in the country. Our home is surrounded by timber, hay fields, and bottom ground nestled in the heart of Northwest Missouri. Large front and back yards accompany our home, as well as a pond stocked with catfish, crappie, bluegill, and bass. The rolling hills are beautiful with the change of season and fall foliage.

Our cattle ranch was established in 2018, in addition to the multi-generational family farm. Spanning multiple counties, we raise replacement bulls and females to sell annually. Our ranch hands consist of our two heelers: Pyper Tayt and Dutton Hayes. They specialize in loading, working, and sorting cattle, not to mention their particular expertise with supervisory roles.

Our Pets:

Pyper and Dutton, whom we named earlier, also enjoy recreational activities. They enjoy regular naps, television cartoons, and their monthly subscription to BarkBox that comes every four weeks with tasty treats and themed toys. Eight mallards also make-up our family. The oldest hen, Miranda, is four years old and serves as the matriarch for the flock. They enjoy swimming in the stocked pond (mentioned previously) and exploring the yard after the rain for a fresh night crawler or two.

Our Family:

Blake is an only child to Larry and Linda. Larry retired from a career in emergency services and enjoys spending time on the family farm. Linda retired from a career in family planning and enjoys genealogy and visiting with family. Together, they enjoy camping and spending time with their dogs.

Josie is the oldest of two daughters to Tom and Karen. Tom retired from a career as a factory production laborer and enjoys serving as a hunting outfitter. Karen retired from a career in the banking industry and enjoys volunteering and hosting family. Together, they enjoy working in their orchard and enjoying nature on walks, horseback, or through travels.

How others describe me

Blake:  dependable, hard-working, humble, and kind

Josie:  driven, creative, smart, and goal-oriented

Advice to Future Child

We enjoy a simple life. We trust that an honest person’s word is good. We know the value of hard work. We believe in Christian values. We strive to practice strong character. We know that laughter can brighten any day. We hold fast to the power of prayer and understand that loving others is our greatest commandment. We will LOVE. We will LAUGH. We will PROVIDE. We will SUPPORT. We will PROTECT. We will SHELTER. We will ENCOURAGE. We will TEACH. We will GROW. We will RAISE.


  • Favorite Movie: Days of Thunder
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Christmas
  • Hobbies/Interests: sports, history, outdoor activities, showing cattle
  • Dream Vacation: visiting Alaska
  • Favorite Movie: Pure Country
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Easter
  • Hobbies/Interests: music, traveling, design and renovation projects, cooking
  • Dream Vacation: Italy

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