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Brandon + Abigail

Software Developer / Teacher/Homemaker


Asian / Caucasian


All About Brandon & Abigail

Hi! We’re the Smiths…super generic name, but anything but!

In all seriousness, we are a family of 4 who live “in the country.” We are in rural Oklahoma due to us not being able to live overseas…so we tried the next item on our bucket list - managing a tiny farm! We are trying our hand “homesteading” while raising chickens and goats, and figuring out the country life as we are two city kids. 

Brandon is a software developer and works from home (so he can help with all the heavy lifting!), and I’m a former college ESL teacher who is homeschooling our two kids. We love doing anything outdoors, but if we have to stay in, we’re playing cards, board games, or cuddling on the couch reading the next book in whatever series the kids are interested in. We love doing movie nights as well, or playing old-school Nintendo, but we try to balance screen time with outdoor hikes, projects, and chasing a ball or the dogs.

The kids are 7 and 5, so they haven’t really gotten into “sports” yet, but we see that in the future as our youngest, William, is passionate about anything that has a ball. Our daughter, Blakes, is the artist of the family and once she gets the opportunity, she disappears with her easel and paints. She also loves to color, write stories and in general has an imagination rivaling that of Anne of Green Gables. Our animals are all super sweet and we spoil them…even our chickens follow us around…and our goats see us on the front porch and demand we come play. But overall, we enjoy just spending time as a family - whether out here in the country, or heading into the city for a day with the grandparents, a visit to the park, or a stop at our local coffee shops to just hang out.

Why Adoption?

From childhood, we both knew that we wanted to adopt. Brandon was adopted at birth and always knew his story. He has wanted to adopt, for a third generation ever since he can remember. For me, I’ve always just known I would adopt. Whether single or married, my desire for kids has always been at the center of my heart.

How others describe me

We live out in the “country.” We’re still in Oklahoma county, but realized since Covid that we wouldn’t be able to return overseas for some time. We decided to try out another dream we’ve had and we bought a small piece of land and animals. Our neighborhood is a bit off the beaten path and at the end of a bumpy dirt road. Our neighbors keep to themselves, but are very sweet and we have great relationships with all of them. 

Our families live in Oklahoma City and we see them on a weekly basis. Our kids have never had a babysitter with family being close and we spend weekends visiting, shopping or hosting them at our place. Brandon is an only child so it’s just him and his adoptive parents, until recently. He met his biological father in 2022 and we are now super close to his 3 siblings, step-mom, and of course pops! We message on a daily basis and plan to visit them this summer. Abigail has one younger brother who lives close to her parents. They’re close and text often. He usually tags along when the grandparents come for a visit, unless he’s out on his motorcycle.

how we met

How We Met

Brandon and I met through my friend, which is his cousin, in 2010. We were doing a movie marathon and needed the next DVD. Then, enter Brandon! We ended up talking most of the evening, but realized both of us were moving overseas. He was moving to Nepal, and me to Africa very shortly; so a relationship was not a possibility. 

However, a year later we began emailing and had several Skype conversations before we were both on the same continent. Stateside once again, in Oklahoma in 2012, we dated for a few months and became engaged. We were married 4 months later on August 9, 2013, almost a decade ago!

Advice to Future Child

Ooh, that’s hard! Advice is so difficult without seeing the personality develop and the bent to which he/she goes. But, in general, the best we can do is say to him/her is live your life with passion, purpose, and the knowledge that the best place to mess up or try your wings is at home where you will be accepted, unconditionally loved and supported for your entire life.

Perspectives on Open Adoption

We believe strongly that the emphasis should always be on what's best for baby, We are always comfortable writing, emailing, sending pictures, videos, etc. We feel that this is appropriate for the early years. As baby grows, we believe that exploring that relationship should be directed by them and the child's readiness to meet the birth mom and/or biological dad.


  • Favorite Movie: Braveheart
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Christmas- the music and the movies
  • Hobbies/Interests: hiking, climbing, biking, most all outdoor recreation
  • Dream Vacation: overseas exploring someplace new off the beaten bath with snow
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: invisibility
  • Favorite Movie: Little Women (2021)
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: December Christmas carols and Christmas movie marathons from Its A Wonderful Life, to Last Holiday, we love to watch ‘em alls!
  • Hobbies/Interests: reading, doing projects with the kids, taking care of our animals, cooking, shopping and in general, if it sounds fun, I’m in!
  • Dream Vacation: someplace overseas, where they don’t speak English and I’m close to the mountains in summertime when I can wear shorts maybe tropical
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: flying

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