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All About Brandon & Torie

Dear Mama,

Thank you so much for viewing our profile and getting to know us. Out of the sea of couples to look through, I can’t imagine how hard your decision is. We’re praying for you!

Five Fun Facts:
  1. We both have April birthdays - 2 days apart!
  2. We are opposites in personalities, Torie being outgoing/social, and Brandon being more introverted.
  3. We both like crunchy peanut butter, and hate mushrooms. 
  4. We both work part-time for our church. Faith is super important to us.
  5. We have two dogs, a Corgi and Australian Shepherd, both named after US Presidents!

We are an easygoing couple who love the simple things. You might not see us hiking a mountain, but we love to have fun together and are always laughing. We enjoy going to our neighborhood farmers market, taking the dogs to the dog park, trying fun restaurants, going to movies, or getting treats from the bakery to cuddle up and watch a show together at home. We enjoy making a cozy home and cook dinner every night.

Our future goal in the next 5 years is to have a home with land. We envision lots of space where kids can play in the dirt, pick veggies from the garden, and raise animals (goats, chickens and maybe a cow).

Our hope and heart is to have an open adoption relationship. We want for the child to know where they come from and have an understanding of their story at all levels! We have a frame ready for baby’s birth parents photo in the nursery! We’re committed to staying in communication over texts, calls, and visits! If you think we’re a good fit for adoptive parents, you’d be just like family to us. 💛

With all our love,

Brandon & Torie

Why Adoption?

For Brandon, he became open to adoption after serving at a summer camp held for foster children. For Torie, it was always known that she was to become a mother in an unconventional way and adoption was always on her heart since a young age. She had years of female-related health issues, which also led us to talk and pray about the opportunity to pursue adoption for all of our children. We have always felt peace about this, and continued to seek God to prepare ourselves and our relationship. We’ve had dreams and visions of a large, diverse family and a home full of love. 

In 2022, we connected with an incredible mother in Florida who chose us to adopt and raise her son. He is the light of our life and the relationship we have with his birth mom and dad is so special.

Family & Home

We bought our cozy townhome in 2020 and it has been perfect for us, with room for a little one! We have a large kitchen island for baking and cooking. Torie has many plants that fill the windows. The nursery is fully set up and ready for Baby. Our home is a place where we celebrate the good. We prioritize joy, peace, and quality time together. God is present in every day conversations.

Our neighborhood is a rural-ish suburb about 30 minutes outside of Salt Lake City. It is clean, safe and full of parks, playgrounds, walking/biking trails, and tons of fun places to eat and shop — all within walking distance or a short drive. We love going to the Monday Night farmers market and food trucks. We have a favorite spot a few blocks away where we can see a panoramic view of the entire Salt Lake Valley. We enjoy going to the town rodeo or other events held at the town hall down the street.

A few miles west of us, the homes start to get a little more spaced out and many properties have horses or other animals. It’s so quaint and feels very much like a small town. The sage brush hills and winding roads give us such joy. This is where our heart is and we know that we’re desiring our future home to be more rural. Our hope is to have space where kids can play in the dirt, pick veggies from the garden, and raise animals. Brandon wants goats and I’ve always dreamed of having chickens! It’s so fun to dream and we are excited for what the future holds or where we might be, but for now we are content and so blessed.

Our Family:
We are blessed to live within 10 miles of most of our extended family. Both sides are extremely excited and supportive of our decision to adopt.

Torie’s Family:
I am the only child of a single mom. She worked hard to raise me and to have everything I needed. With some help from my grandparents, I was able to participate in many activities and had a great childhood. I did have a lot of lonely times, because my mom worked. Which inspired the desire to strive to be a stay at home mom and have multiple children so they always have a friend! I grew up with my cousin living just a few blocks from me, so she and I were much like sisters. My closest relative besides my mom is my grandma. She graciously allowed Brandon and me to rent her basement for the first 4 years of our marriage and we are so blessed by her. My mom, Grandma and I enjoy going shopping and to restaurants together. They also share my love for breakfast food. (must be genetic) My total family can be counted using just one hand. Other members of my extended family stay connected over texts, social media, birthdays, and holidays. Over the last few years, I have made contact with my biological dad, who lives about an hour away. That relationship is growing and blossoming! My family is generally pretty quiet/simple people and not really religious, but they are supportive of my and Brandon’s lifestyle. Everyone is excited for us to adopt!

Brandon’s Family:
I am the middle child of three, with an older sister and younger brother. I grew up in a tight-knit, Christian home with many vacations and Disneyland trips. My parents now have a large home and we are frequently over there for dinners, s’mores around the fire pit, and grilling/smoking meat with my dad. He is so excited to be a grandpa. My brother just welcomed his first child in 2022, so we are thrilled and hopeful to give her a cousin close in age. My extended family is big, loud and fun. Christmas and other holidays often involve several special gatherings with activities, food and the famous tradition of Rummy card games. If it’s your birthday, we have a special family dinner and you get to choose the meal and dessert. Grandma makes the best homemade apple pie and pecan pie at holidays. We are multi-generation Christian. God is not only part of our roots/heritage, but our daily lives. The child we adopt will be very much loved by my big, crazy family!

How others describe me

About Brandon (in Torie’s words) –
Brandon is SO GOOFY! He always makes me laugh. He loves God and has a huge heart for people especially regarding injustice or social issues. He is very analytical and ridiculously smart. He has a passion for learning new things (sometimes random useless info). Brandon is techy/geeky and an excellent problem solver. My favorite things about Brandon are his sarcasm, gentleness, and unconditional support for when I pursue hobbies and business-related ventures.

Brandon is such an amazing dad to our son, and loves him so tenderly. He is so incredibly patient, silly and fun. He will definitely be the one to help with math and science homework.

About Torie (in Brandon’s words) –
Torie is an intensely passionate person. She loves and cares for every single person she meets, even if she’s only known you for a few seconds. She’ll remember your birthday, favorite hobby, mother’s maiden name, etc, all from the first time meeting you. Torie loves God and her church with the same fiery passion. My favorite things about Torie, are her loud laugh, her drive to get things done, she’s super easy-going with me, and that she’s quick to forgive when I’m being a dork. 

Torie is an amazing mom to our son Jude. She is attentive to his needs and never settles for less than the best for him. She is totally rocking' at Motherhood and bursting with so much love for our future children.

how we met

How We Met

It was summer of 2013. We both served as youth leaders for separate churches which both came to Colorado for youth camp. We were both on night duty along with several other young adults to ensure the teens didn’t sneak out of the cabins. It wasn’t love at first sight- to be honest, I couldn’t stand his v-neck t-shirt and TOMS shoes - but we connected well over the group conversation. It wasn’t until after youth camp that Brandon followed me on Instagram and began liking every single photo of me, that I got the hint. In October, our first official date consisted of a church event followed by IHOP for some late-night breakfast. (Brandon didn’t like breakfast food, but he liked me.) Right away I was so captured by his openness about God and the experiences he’d had. We spent that autumn falling in love, becoming best friends, and learning about each other's dreams and passions. Our first kiss took place at Christmas time on a horse-drawn carriage ride in downtown Salt Lake. We got engaged the following September (2014) and were married in October of 2015!

Advice to Future Child

There is nothing we’ve loved and hoped for more than you. You are our answer to prayer and dream come true. We promise to choose you every day and love you unconditionally. We promise to share your story with you about where and who you came from. We love you so much.
You are valuable, loved, chosen, and wanted. You will do great and amazing things and impact this world for good! Never forget who you are and that God is within you! You can do hard things! You are amazing, talented, and we are so incredibly proud to be your parents through the gift of adoption!

Perspectives on Open Adoption

Our hope and heart is to have an open adoption relationship. We desire for the child/children we adopt to have an understanding of their story at all levels. We have a frame ready in our nursery for photos of baby's first parents, so they can have a visual of who they are and how loved they are by them. We are committed to staying in contact via texts, calls, and visits, and maybe even take a trip together! Biological parents would be just like family to us. We know that by choosing adoption, we are not just growing our family with a child, that we get the incredible blessing of doing life with those related to that child. We know that all relationships take effort but are worth it!


  • Favorite Movie: Lord of The Rings Trilogy, Mad Max, Les Miserables, or any Wes Anderson films
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Thanksgiving because FOOD. Grandma makes homemade apple and pecan pies.
  • Hobbies/Interests: cooking, coffee, animals, space, science, Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels, imported cars (VW/Porsche and Japanese), off-roading in my truck, PC gaming, building computers, educational YouTube videos
  • Dream Vacation: Europe: specifically Ireland and Germany
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: teleportation
  • Favorite Movie: Wizard of Oz, any Classic Disney, most 90’s Rom-coms
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Definitely Christmas. Every year our family decorates sugar cookies with colored frosting. We sing carols and open presents on Christmas Eve.
  • Hobbies/Interests: wheel throw pottery, floral design, interior design/decorating, weddings and events, holidays, sims, hobby farms/homesteads, horses, True Crime Shows/Podcasts, Classic Disney movies, Disneyland, antiques/vintage
  • Dream Vacation: 2-3 Weeks in Europe to all the major cities!
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: Hmm. Maybe flying to help conquer my fear of heights!

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