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Retail Operations Director

New York



All About Brennan

Hi! I am Brennan. I love people more than anything, and love being connected in friendship, in family, and overall, in life. I was born and raised in Texas and moved to a big city and new state after school – in pursuit of adventure. I come from a family of educators and medical professionals – of which, I am neither! I work in fashion – with wonderful people and an inspiring company. 

After many years in a big city, I moved to Africa for yet another adventure. My dreams of connecting the fashion industry with serving people merged when I was invited to work with a group of women building a business in a village. I jumped at the chance to learn with them to live amongst a new culture and to experience life from a different perspective.

I returned to the USA several years ago and still get to work with artisans in Africa from time to time. I believe in big dreams and little steps in achieving your dreams – in all we do. I love good food, lots of laughter and a good dance party too.

Why Adoption?

Adoption is incredibly special. As a single woman, adoption is one of the most meaningful ways to grow my family.

Family & Home

I am a single woman who loves being outdoors, working hard, going to church, and connecting with my family and friends! 

How others describe me

Brennan is kind, loving, supportive, and funny. She's almost always up for an adventure! Brennan lives her life from a place of hope and grace.

Advice to Future Child


We get to spend our days living out our faith by loving people, serving others, dreaming big dreams, and having a lot of F-U-N.

You can be brave. You can do hard things. You are never alone.


Perspectives on Open Adoption

I am open to having an open adoption with my child's birth parents. I want the birth parents to feel comfortable in our relationship from the very beginning.  I look forward to knowing them and maintaining as much contact as they'd like. 



  • Favorite Movie(s): Field of Dreams
  • Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving
  • Hobbies/Interests: Running, hiking, biking, and cooking, and traveling
  • Dream Vacation: Anywhere in the wilds of Africa
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: To live without needing to sleep!

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