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All About Brian & Kimberly

Hi, there!  We are Brian, Kim & Zachary from Northern Viriginia.

Thank you for taking the time to view our profile and learn a little bit about our family.  We don’t know each other yet, but we hope that the following page will tell you something about our life now and how we picture what our family might look like in the future.  

This process is just beginning, but you have already made the best decision for your child by choosing life and considering a plan for their future.  Before we even started our home study, you were in our praryes and in our dreams.  We know that God has a plan for you and your child, and he will provide you with the support you need to guide you in your decisions. 

We hope that as you look through this page, you will find us to be a fun-loving, young family that is ready to share our adventures. We consider each other best friends and spend most our free time together. We support each other’s hobbies and enjoy experiencing new things as a family, like cooking or playing strategy games. 

Fast Facts about Our Family


Age: Born in 1987

Personality: Adventurous, dedicated and dependable

Perfect day: Slow morning with a family brunch and a board game


Age: Born in 1987

Personality: Kind, compassionate, and dedicated

Perfect day: Waking up early to read a book and enjoy a cup of coffee, followed by a family hike at Sugarloaf Mountain


Age: Born and adopted in 2018

Personality: Curious, adventurous, and incredibly smart

Perfect Day: Jumping on our trampoline all day with Daddy and my friends, visiting the farm animals, and walking my dog.

Why Adoption?

We love adoption.  Family is important to both of us.  We both have large extended families and have very close relationships with our parents and siblings.  We always wanted to share our lives with children and family.  When we realized that we would not be able to have children naturally, we decided to make what we felt was the loving choice to build our family, and selected adoption.  We want Zachary to experience the joy of having a sibling and we have room in courts for more children.  After adopting Zachary, it feels that adoption is the natural chice to expand our family again.

Family & Home

We moved into our forever home two years ago.  Our comfortable home has five bedrooms, and plenty of space to play inside and outside.  You know we’re home when you hear a house full of laughter and a ringing pinball machine.  We have both a fenced-in backyard and surrounding farmland.  Our yard is a paradise for any child who enjoys stomping in the creek, jumping on the trampoline, or playing with toy trucks in the mulch.

Our neighborhood has a great mix of young children and older families.  We love to host neighborhood game nights, cookouts, and play dates.  While it feels like we’re in the country, we are fortunate to be 10 minutes to the downtown, gathering there for many community parades and events throughout the year. 

We are active in our community.  Because we don’t have family close to us, our neighbors and friends have become our family.  In our neighborhood, Zachary loves to help our neighbor mow the pasture with his tractor.  Every day in the summer, you can find us playing in the backyard with our neighbors.  We belong to a board game group in our town, and meet with our friends weekly to play board games.  We meet friends often for a playdate at the town pool or park.  In the winter, we love to go to the ice rink to watch our favorite local ice hockey team, the Hershey Bears.  

Brian’s parents, Greg and Brenda, live on a lake in New Hampshire. His brother, Sean, is a Navy Pilot, and currently lives in California with his wife, Harlie.  Brian spent family vacations waterskiing and sailing on the lake and snowboarding in the mountains.  We often visit New Hampshire for two weeks of summer vacation, and see family for most holidays.

Kim’s mother, Diane, lives in Connecticut; her father passed away two years ago.  Diane plans to move into our home when she retires to be closer to our family.  Kim spent family vacations traveling around the USA in a camper and visiting amusement parks; Disney World was their favorite.  Kim grew up playing with cousins at her grandparents’ house and maintains a close relationship with them.

How others describe me

5 Thinks Kim Loves About Brian:

    1. Brian is passionate about his hobbies.  When Brian finds something he loves, like bread baking, he works to become the best he can be.
    2. Brian is dependable.  I never doubt that Brian will carry out his promises.  Brian always prioritizes his family. 
    3. Brian is full of life. He always plans fun things, like game nights, for us to do together and with friends.
  • Brian is thoughtful and attentive to the needs of others.  He quickly offers to lend a helping hand.  He likes to surprise me with unexpected kindness, like bringing home dinner.
  • Brian is adventurous and always pushes me to try new things.  He has shared with me his love for camping and hiking, pushed me to try more exciting foods, and even helped me conquer my fears.

I am a better person because of Brian.  I know that he will encourage our children to be just as outgoing, fun-loving and adventurous as he is. 

5 Things Brian Loves About Kim:

  1. Kim is warm (because she is always stealing the blankets).  She is the welcoming hostess and anticipates the needs of our guests before they even know what they want. 
  2. Kim is giving (me banana cookies and a glass of milk). Her family is her first priority.  She is great at giving me advice on how to best tackle my problems.
  3. Kim is genuine in who she is and what she believes.  She is strong and sacrificing in her morals and principles.  She is confident and stands up for others in need.
  4. Kim is messy.  When Zachary drops pain on the floor, she can’t get mad because there’s also a possibility that she dropped paint and didn’t realize it!  She’s ok with not being perfect and that’s why I love her.
  5. Kim is crafty.  She decorates our home and makes it a warm and enjoyable place.  She sews quilts and thoughtfully gives handmade gifts to family and friends. 

5 Things We Love About Zachary

  1. Zachary is kind-hearted in how he shares and empathizes with his family and friends.  He his always the first to take care of our pets.
  2. Zachary is funny because he enjoys being silly and telling jokes.  He has a great laugh.
  3. Zachary is adventurous and nature-loving.  Zachary enjoys Saturday morning adventures with mom: coffee, hiking, throwing rocks in the creek, and playing on the playground.
  4. Zachary is intrepid.  He boldly ventures into new activities, like ice-skating and swimming, with a mindset of an explorer.  

Zachary is knowledge-driven and loves digging into the why’s and how’s of things.  We will start by talking about the lights on the car dashboard and end with answering questions about how the plastic on the car is made in the factory.

how we met

How We Met

We were both born and raised in Connecticut, 15 minutes apart, but we did not meet until our freshman year in college in Pennsylvania.  We met traveling to and from school together and soon after started dating.  Less than a year after graduation, Brian proposed and we were married in 2011.

Advice to Future Child

Our children should know that they can trust and rely on us as parents for love and support.  When we ask our children to do things on their own, its because we want them to gain a sense of independence and resourcefulness.  We give our children experiences to grow to become their best selves, and we accept that they will make mistakes and learn from them along the way.  We give our children opportunities to nurture their existing talents and discover new ones, we hope they will always have a love for learning. 

We will always be honest with our children from the very beginning.  We want them to know their adoption story, because it is part of who they are. We want our children to love who they are and where they come from.

One of the best and most exciting parts of parenting is not knowing what amazing things our children will be interested in and passionate about.  Whether it’s music, arts, or athletics, we will always foster our childrens’ passions.  We will volunteer as the coach and we will listen at every concert.  We can’t wait to experience life alongside our children and bring them on our adventures!

Perspectives on Open Adoption

Our intent is to provide the best possible environment for our children.  We would like to develop a plan for openness with the birth parents that everyone is comfortable with.  We hope that we can foster a close relationship with our child’s birth family, including visits.  We hope that our children will be able to know their heritage and feel the love of a large family web.


  • Favorite Movie: Harry Potter Series
  • Favorite Childhood Memory: Mountain Biking Block Island with Boy Scouts
  • Hobbies/Interests: photography, camping, hiking, painting, waterskiing, and snowmobiling
  • Favorite Adventure: hiking in Kauai and Hawaii
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: flying
  • Favorite Movie: Miss Spider’s Tea Party
  • Favorite Childhood Memory: Driving cross country with my parents and grandparents in our RV
  • Hobbies/Interests: baking, quilting, hiking, making arts & crafts, decorating for the holidays
  • Favorite Adventure: stomping in creeks with Zachary
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: teleportation

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