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All About Britni

We’re Britni and August!  I am not new to the adoption world.  I began this journey in 2016, and was quickly placed with my first child in 2017. Unfortunately, that adoption was not finalized as her birth mother changed her mind three weeks after having her home with me.  I quickly got back on track for adoption as I knew I still wanted to parent deeply and badly.  In June 2019 I was matched again with my amazing son, August.  He and his story is pure magic.  We are hoping to grow our little family even more!

A little about me…

I am 35

own my own therapy/counseling/mental health agency

love animals

music lover

favorite food is sushi or tacos

favorite saying- trust your gut

Favorite vacation spot-Nags Head, NC

Favorite sport-football and baseball

Favorite things to do- swimming, fishing, cooking, concerts

Favorite game–Super Mario Brothers & Trouble

A little about August…

He is 3.5

LOVES reading

Also loves dogs

Dancing + signing are a part of his daily routine

Fav food–fruits + cheese

Fav things to do–swimming, swinging, reading, going to the grocery store

Why Adoption?

I can remember being a little girl always thinking that I wanted to adopt.  It has always been something I wanted to pursue.  I started my journey in 2017, and have been actively involved in growing my family since.  Both of my experiences were completely different, but both so very magical.  It’s phenomenal what this direction of becoming a family brings to your world; how it opens your heart and mind; it’s truly magical.  I am grateful this is my story, our story… it’s unique and beautiful.

Family & Home

I live in suburbia in Central, VA.  My home is a large four bedroom home on two acres.  We have an inground pool attached to a poolhouse where during the summers we are pretty much until dusk.  We also have a large fishing pond with a dock where we like to hang out and relax.  A few other smaller perks are our grapevines for fresh, yummy, grapes each summer, and our basketball court.  Our yard is large, and we love to be outside enjoying it as much as possible.  

Inside we have a large living area, kitchen, office, and huge back porch where we host all major holidays for our family (about 40 people).

Our community is lovely.  We have such a diverse area; all ethnicities, cultures, ages, genders and sexual orientations.  There is always something to get out and do from festivals, concerts, dining, parks and trails, hometown sports, etc.  We’re pretty lucky to live in such a great place.

My immediate family consists of myself, August, my mother, brother, his wife and two kids, my sister, her husband and their three kids, several cousins in close proximity with them having about 10 kids between them, seven aunts that are like mothers to me, and I see pretty much weekly, and one set of grandparents still alive.  From there, we have some older family that we still talk to and see about monthly, and on all major holidays.  And then there are the family that I choose, my friends.  I have about five close friends, all ages, all races, and they all have kids in their teens down to newborns.  It’s a wonderful life.

How others describe me




Follows through/keeps promises/sticks to my word


Hard working



Advice to Future Child

Trusting yourself, your story, your gut.

Perspectives on Open Adoption

It’s a healthy experience for all parties.  Babies need every ounce of love and support they can get.  It’s unique and such an honor to be a part of such an experience.


  • Favorite Movie: Dumb & Dumber
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Thanksgiving
  • Hobbies/Interests: swimming, hanging with my son
  • Dream Vacation: Monte Carlo
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: Invisibility

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