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Cale + Angela

Lawyer / Teacher


Caucasian / Hispanic


All About Cale & Angela

The instant we met, we knew we wanted to be together. We had to learn how to communicate and how to take care of each other but that never felt like hard work it always felt like a moment of understanding. Now that we have been together for a while, we know how to ask the other for support and comfort. Angela- I am a teacher, so my time is spent thinking about things that my students like and how to incorporate that into exciting lessons. This summer I spent the mornings fixing up the veggie garden, then spent the afternoons with my feet in my plastic pool reading and texting with my family and friends. Cale- I am a lawyer at a tech company. I like trying out new things, like painting, gaming, and gardening like, when we tore out part of the yard to make room for planting the blueberry patch. When we moved into our house we started working on house projects together and we have so much fun figuring out how to do things even when it takes a second try because the dog gets into the tomatoes!

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Why Adoption?

On our first date, we talked about names we liked and we both talked about how adoption would be perfect for both of us. It would give us both time to finish our degrees and get to a place in our careers where we would be able to be at home with the baby.

Family & Home

We love our Northwest community!  West Seattle is by Alki beach and is so fun to ride our bikes on.  We can walk to my school church, and Target.  Our dog Romulus has us going for long walks and we get to know the neighbors by asking about their gardens and seeing all their kids growing up.  A few of my former students are on my route and it's great to hear them yell my name.  They tell me where to find good blackberries in the alleys.  We make a lot of jam, cobbler, and shakes out of all those good berries.  We are always in the kitchen making something or getting inspired by something we find in the cupboards.  Downstairs is where the radio plays, and where we work on all our projects but upstairs is a quiet space.  We have a place to sit in the sun and read or nap or just be. 

When Cale was young he played in the lake with all the kids in the neighborhood. His community was so close-knit that they are all still in each other's lives. Hopefully, he will get back to coaching youth soccer when our kids are old enough to play. We can't wait to share the lakes and cousins we loved with a child.

Angela was born in the US. Every summer she got to go back to Mexico to see all her cousins. Having 32 (and counting) close family members made getting together with family the best part of her life. She wonders if that is why she went into teaching preschool, she just wanted to share the fun times I had with other children.

Our family has been talking about naming a baby since our first date. When we visit our childhood homes it's always to go to our favorite spots as a kid. This is the best spot to find snails a or this is the highest hill to slide down. We really had a great time growing up and we want to share those experiences. When we get the whole family together, we love to make our family traditions a little bit different and then talk about all the fun times we had with the old traditions. We even moved the Thanksgiving feast to Friday so we could have an easier time getting to grandma's house and getting enough time to get all the pies ready.

How others describe me

Cale describes Angela: Angela tries to make people's lives better, she is always helping out and putting in extra effort to be a good neighbor, a great teacher, and an involved church member. I really admire her willingness to make others feel special. I notice that when I talk she really listens and tries to understand what I am saying and who I am. 

Angela describes Cale: Cale is my pillar of support. Every time I need help he is there for me. Every crazy idea I have he helps me figure out how to make it happen. Cale has been at my side for 20 years helping me through every situation in life. I love knowing that I have someone to talk to about everything.

Our friends would say we are really good at supporting each other. We think it's fun to care for the other with notes, helpful chores, and tiny gifts of surprise breakfasts.

how we met

How We Met

Our roommates were dating and we met at a party. We have been together ever since that day.

Advice to Future Child

Your life should be full of joy, it may not be easy but we will celebrate every success until it is.

Perspectives on Open Adoption

We would love to build a solid foundation for you to be included and valued in this life-long relationship. We would be able to build a relationship on your terms and take into account that it will change as life does. We will be open to a yearly visit and to an information exchange that is dual-sided so that you have access to receive milestone photos, stories, and love and you can give that precious information when you are prepared to do so.



  • Favorite Movie(s): Oh Brother Where Art Thou
  • Favorite Holiday: Eating and celebrating with family at Thanksgiving
  • Hobbies/Interests: Movies, video games sports, and the dog park
  • Dream Vacation: A trip across Europe starting in Scotland and ending in Croatia
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: To be able to rewind time


  • Favorite Movie(s): Little Women
  • Favorite Holiday: We moved Thanksgiving to Friday so the whole family could enjoy the holiday without rushing.
  • Hobbies/Interests: Sailing, biking, hiking
  • Dream Vacation: Galapagos Islands
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: I always wanted to be able to fly.

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