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Supply Chain Management at Nike / Stay at Home Mom/Pilates Instructor




All About Chad & Ashlyn


We are Chad and Ashlyn. We live in Tigard, Oregon with our daughter Jean. We are delighted to have the opportunity to expand our family and share our home and hearts with you.

We are both from Northern California and met while attending college in Reno, Nevada. We soon came to realize that we grew up about 30 minutes apart from one another, and actually had mutual friends. Our hometown connections went even deeper when we learned that Ashlyn’s grandparents were practically neighbors with Chad’s family! Once in college, Chad was living in the dorms with Ashlyn’s brother. They would frequently raid Ashlyn’s refrigerator when they were sick of the cafeteria food. The following year we all became roommates and it didn’t take long for the friendship to expand to attraction. Three years later we started dating and have now been together since 2009. 

After college Chad moved to Oregon for a job while Ashlyn stayed in Reno to finish her Masters degree in Early Childhood Special Education. Shortly after graduating Ashlyn moved to Oregon. Feeling like we wanted to put down roots in Oregon, we purchased our first home and we tied the knot in 2016. In 2020 we adopted Jean through an open adoption. She is truly a miracle and we are honored to be her parents. In 2021 we moved to a bigger home in hopes of further expanding our family!

We both are outgoing and athletic people. We like hanging out in the sun, playing coed soccer, camping anywhere near water and trees, going to the zoo, family walks, hiking, all water activities (especially when a boat is involved), and anything we can do as a family. We also really like to cook. Chad is the head chef at the house and takes the lead on all sorts of things, especially when using the Traeger. Ashlyn is always close by cleaning everything before he is even done with it. Chad is also a sports fanatic and follows most sports as well as plays them. He spends his lunch breaks in the gym or playing pick up games of rugby or soccer. When he is not playing sports, he is spending time with his close-knit group of friends. Chad is always the last one to leave a party and never goes anywhere without seeing a familiar face. Ashlyn loves Pilates and would go to a class every day if she could! When she’s not at Pilates she is out with friends or on an adventure with Jean. Jean never leaves her side and Ashlyn’s friends and family have learned that they are a package deal.

When Jean came into our lives, Ashlyn decided to stay at home as a full-time parent. She still finds time to teach Pilates on the side! Chad works in the global supply chain for a large sports company. Jean attends part time preschool as well as fun activities like swimming and the zoo. 

We cannot wait to grow our family through another open adoption. Family is very important to us, in fact so important that Chad actually works for the same company as his entire family. We are thrilled to have a relationship with our child and our child’s birth family. We believe that all children deserve to have an entire community of people who love them. 

Thank you for considering us.

Chad, Ashlyn, Jean

About Ashlyn:

Today I am a stay at home mom and I teach pilates on the side.  Before Jean, I worked as a specialist in early childhood special education.  All the children that I worked with were birth to 5 and have some sort of developmental disability.  All of my services were free to families and I am extremely proud of that.  I love staying home and spending time with Jean.  We start each morning with family walks.  I often fill our days with crafts, adventures, and outings.  There is never a dull moment. 

About Chad: Today I work for Nike. I have had varying roles, but mostly have stayed in the  Demand and Supply Management division of the company. Currently I am working on supply chain disruptions. I enjoy where I work as it gives employees the opportunity to be connected to sports and lead an active lifestyle.  It also gives consumers the opportunity to participate in sports that they are passionate about.

Why Adoption?

Ashlyn has a rare autoimmune disease that makes carrying a child unsafe for her and the baby. Being unable to conceive and knowing that we wanted children made open adoption a very natural and comfortable choice. We are truly grateful for the chance to have a baby.  We embrace the opportunity to further grow our family by adding the birth parents.  We both believe that it's impossible to love a child too much and are excited to share this amazing opportunity with the birth family.  After adopting our daughter through an open adoption, we can't imagine doing it any other way.

Family & Home

We live in a 4 bedroom single family home in a quiet neighborhood on a dead end street.  We have a yard that backs up to a green space making it feel spacious and private.  Our neighborhood and community are family centered and diverse. We are a half mile walk from a new elementary school and are surrounded by walking trails and parks. We have plenty of stores and restaurants within a few miles.  Our local shopping center has a toy store, ice cream, and a huge splash pad/fountain for Jean to enjoy in the summer.  In addition we have a movie theater and Family Center (bowling, restaurant, arcade, sport bar)  less than 2 miles away! We could not be happier in our neighborhood.


Ashlyn is the middle child of 3. Family and friends mean a lot to me. My best friend lives within walking distance and we see each other weekly.  Unfortunately most of my family lives out of state. We find ways to make it work through frequent visits, FaceTime and phone calls.  We have a family text stream going at all times keeping everyone up to date.

*D'Arcey (Ashlyn's mom aka Nanny) recently joined us in Portland, and lives a short distance away.  She retired after a long career in accounting.  She is very thoughtful, productive and generous. She always has a smile on her face.  She is one of the strongest people we know, and gives me something to strive to be like.

*Keith (Ashlyn's dad aka Grandpa) and his girlfriend Diane live in Gerogetown, CA.  Together they breed Rottweilers and French Bulls dogs.  Diane is a school bus driver. Keith is extremely handy and can fix most things. Keith is very loud and animated. He always makes us laugh. 

*Trevor (Ashlyn's younger brother) and Kendra (his wife) live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Trevor manages a Fine Rug gallery and Kendra is a Pharmacist.  They have 2 adorable children Maxwell (2) and Monroe (9months).  We love all the cousin adventures! 

Fun Fact: Kendra is adopted!

*Nichole (Ashlyn's older sister) lives in San Francisco, California. She is an OBGYN and loves bringing babies into this world. Nichole is amazing at the piano.  She can also play the Oboe and Clarinet. You will find her going to all the new and popular restaurants and concerts. She is a very dedicated aunt. 


Chad is the oldest of 3 children.  Friends and family are a very important part of his life.  Luckily all of Chad's immediate family lives locally.  We try to participate in Sunday night dinners whenever possible.  At least once a year we congregate with aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and close friends.  Everyone is welcome and it's guaranteed to be a good time. We eat, sing, dance and of course golf!

*Cara (Chad's mom, aka Graham) currently lives in Portland, OR but spent the majority of her life in California.  Now she is a stay at home dog mom.  Some of her strengths are home decorating, gardening, and listening to others.  She is the glue keeping the family connected on a regular basis.  

*Rick (Chad's dad aka Pops) was born and raised in California.  Work moved him and Cara to Portland in 2013.  He has had a successful career in the sporting industry.  He currently “works” in golf and got his first hole-in-one in 2023.   His job takes him to amazing places and he is surrounded by incredible athletes.

*Jordan (Chad's brother) and Jamie (his wife) live in Beaverton, OR. Jamie and Jordan both work in merchandising.  Jordan has his degree in Viticulture business, which we love to take advantage of when we visit wine country. They recently welcomed baby Miller (3 months old)! Jean is a great big cousin.

*Jenna (Chad's sister) recently married Mark.  They live in Tigard, OR right up the street from us.  Jenna graduated from Chico State and then moved to Oregon in 2015.  Jenna is an Operations Manager and is great at getting things done. Mark works in the supply chain and has been such a nice addition to the family. 

How others describe me

Chad is extremely outgoing, smart, athletic, handsome, charismatic, and amazing.  He is a great dancer and has no problem comedering the dance floor.  He is a hard worker that has a heart of gold.  He is always happy and eager to help. Chad is the kind of person who makes you better or motivates you to be better after spending time with him.  He has an eloquent way of speaking and can make anything sound good.  His calm and happy disposition make him easy to be around.  He is everyone's best friend.  Honestly he is a true joy to be around and I feel like I am the luckiest person in the world knowing that he is mine!

Fun Facts about Chad:

-Loves Karaoke

-Played Rugby

-Lived in Africa 

-Former Prom King

-Candy Lover

-Referred to as "The Condiment King"

-Enjoys and is good at Cooking

-Doesn't Enjoy Cleaning


-Avid Golfer

-Went Bald at 18

-Loves Toyota Trucks

-Can Drive a manuel

-Played Soccer in Europe

-Likes Hot Dogs and Mac & Cheese

-Excellent Public Speaker

-Always Has Different Facial Hair

-First job was at Cold Stone Ice Cream 

-Loves to garden

-Tears up at every wedding (this guy loves love)

Ashlyn is caring, thoughtful, loyal, beautiful and dependable. Ashlyn is the type of person who anticipates your needs and takes care of it. The way that Ashlyn cares for Jean is very special and any child would be lucky to be loved by her. Ashlyn has made a career out of caring for people, first as a Special Needs Teacher and now as a Pilates instructor. Ashlyn is always thinking about her students and how to make them better and healthier. When it comes to fun Ashlyn is the girl. She is able to turn any moment into a good time, either by playing some music or telling a funny joke, Ashlyn is always looking for ways to lighten the mood and enjoy a moment of togetherness.

Fun Facts about Ashlyn:

-I have been skydiving twice

-I played division 1 soccer 

-I love Slim Jims

-I did a summer abroad in Spain and I still can't speak Spanish

-My brother and I are commonly confused for twins

-I have a really good sense of smell

-I received the Community Partner Award from Friendly House Community Center

-Cheesecake is my favorite

-The first concert I attended was Tom Petty

-I am obsessed with Pilates

-I have a 9 inch scar from barb wire

-I like crime/suspense shows

-I love donuts and that was our dessert at our wedding

-I have a lot of Christmas Sweaters

-My 16th birthday was 9/11

-First job was babysitting at the church

how we met

How We Met

Our adventure started in Reno, NV while attending college. We were young, just 18 and 19, but the attraction was undeniable. We were roommates for two years before Chad made the first move dressed as a golf caddie at a themed birthday party. There was no separating us after that. 

After college, employment opportunities took us to Portland, OR in 2011.  It didn't take long for OR to grow on us and we decided to make it our home.  We started by living downtown and enjoying the city life.  Shortly after that we purchased our first home in 2014. Chad proposed on June 11th 2015 underneath the Morrison Bridge.  We were married shortly after on January 17th 2016 at the Benson Hotel.  In 2020 we adopted Jean, easily our biggest accomplishment yet. In 2021 we purchased a bigger home in hopes of further growing our family!  

Over the last 14 years we have seen each other grow up and evolve into the people that we are today.  We are each other's rocks. We honestly are so grateful to have found one another. We have established a type of love that is rare.  It feels like the kind from the movies.  We are blessed to say that we have found our happily ever after.  Jean is the icing on the cake!

Advice to Future Child

As parents we want to provide a warm, safe, encouraging and happy home. A place where a child can be their best self and have all the opportunities that they would ever want and need. We feel incredibly fortunate to have had a childhood much like the one we envision and hope to provide for our children. 

Our goal is to empower our children so that they feel safe, learn, laugh and can play sports or participate in any activity that they dream of. We want to take family vacations and create memories that will last a lifetime. We imagine going to the park and letting the kids play outside, family adventures with cousins, and growing up with friends and family.

We can't wait to surround our children with friends and family.  Aunts, uncles, cousins, adoptive family, and friends will be there to support and love our children.

Perspectives on Open Adoption

We can't wait to open our home and hearts to our child's birth parent(s) and extended family. We both believe that it is impossible to love a child too much.  Open adoption allows us to do just that, love and admire the child.  This child will be supported and empowered with an entire team behind them.  No matter what, someone will be in their corner and understand.  We envision creating new traditions that incorporate things that are important to us and the birth family. 

We valued our relationship with Jean's birth mom.  Sadly, we lost her in a tragic accident.  We take pride in the fact that our relationship was positive and supportive. We used to text on a regular basis and see her a few times a year. We consider Jean's birth mom part of our family. We are proud to say that she reported  that we empowered her and treated her with respect. We did all that we could to make her feel comfortable and cherished.


  1. We picked Jean's name together
  2. We spent Jean's 1st birthday together
  3. Birth mom chose the name that she wanted Jean to call her


  • Favorite Movie: Tombstone
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: It is safe to say that no matter what the holiday is, that we will be doing something.  Things have looked different as our families continue to expand and grow, however one thing will never change, for us holidays will always involve family and our loved ones. Ashlyn loves to decorate the house  and always finds a way to celebrate even if it's just the three of us.  Chad is amazing at planning and cooking the holiday feast.  So expect to find us dressed up and our home to be covered in glitter, food coloring, decorations, crafts, and filled with delicious food to eat. As long as it’s decorated and filled with friends, pets and family we will be happy!
  • Hobbies/Interests: golf, sports, cooking, family, friends, exercise, camping
  • Dream Vacation: Australia or South America
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: to make putts when golfing
  • Favorite Movie: Step Brothers. Full disclosure, not a huge movie fan. If you can get me to watch one I will probably like it.
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: It is safe to say that no matter what the holiday is, that we will be doing something.  Things have looked different as our families continue to expand and grow, however one thing will never change, for us holidays will always involve family and our loved ones. Ashlyn loves to decorate the house  and always finds a way to celebrate even if it's just the three of us.  Chad is amazing at planning and cooking the holiday feast.  So expect to find us dressed up and our home to be covered in glitter, food coloring, decorations, crafts, and filled with delicious food to eat. As long as it’s decorated and filled with friends, pets and family we will be happy!
  • Hobbies/Interests: exercise, pilates, sports, family, music, animals, outdoors, cleaning, friends
  • Dream Vacation: Thailand
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: become the best mom ever

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