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Software Engineer / Director of Policy



All About Chris & Brittany

We have been together for 8 years and married for nearly 5. We were drawn together because we love some of the same things, but also compliment each other - Brittany plans, Chris drives. We enjoy discovering new places together near home and farther away but our favorite thing to do is to spend time with our family and friends. We live in Virginia right outside of Washington, DC in a quiet neighborhood. We chose our house because we knew it would be a great place to have a family. Chris is a software engineer and Brittany works for a large college. Both of us have good leave policies and schedules that will allow us to be there for our future child when they need us. 

We can’t wait to grow our family through adoption, and we look forward to opening our hearts and home to a child and their birth family through open adoption.

Why Adoption?

We have never thought of family as just the people we are biologically related to, but the ones who we invite into our hearts. Since we met, we talked about how much we looked forward to being parents but we always kept an open mind about how that would happen. After learning that having a biological child would be more complicated for us because of a genetic issue, we chose to move forward with adoption. We truly believe we are meant to be in this process. We will love our adopted child with everything we have.

Family & Home

We are both originally from New England. Chris’s parents still live where he grew up outside of Boston, Massachusetts and his sister lives in Burlington, Vermont with her husband and our (now 4-year-old!) nephew. Brittany’s mom, step-dad, and teenage brother live near her grandparents and many extended family members in New Hampshire. Despite the distance, we see our family often — traveling to New England a couple times a year and family members regularly visiting us in Virginia. When we don’t see each other in person we are catching up on the phone and planning our next visit. 

We are fortunate to have an extended network of close friends who we consider family. Our friends and family - near and far - have been incredibly supportive of us growing our family through adoption. We feel blessed to have so many people around us who we can lean on as we navigate being parents when the time comes. 

We have lived in our neighborhood since 2017. Our house has a big open kitchen where we love cooking and hosting friends and family. We also have a closed-in backyard that is perfect for future playdates. A major reason we chose this neighborhood is because we knew it would be fun and safe to grow our family here. It reminds Chris of where he grew up, which makes us feel at home. We live a block away from the elementary school and are close to a few parks and playgrounds. The safe neighborhood offers children a level of independence. Kids often walk to school, and regularly bike, scooter, and rollerblade after school and on the weekends.

We are a mile from a metro stop, making everything that Washington D.C. has to offer easy to get to. From the Smithsonian museums to annual events like the book fair and car show, we enjoy taking advantage of our proximity to the city. We can’t wait to share this with a little one!

How others describe me

Chris is caring. He is the person you can call in a moment of need and he won’t think twice about getting to where someone needs him. Having him as my partner has made me feel more secure and stable in every part of my life. I know he will have the same impact as he raises a child. He will do everything he can to keep them safe, but also prepare them to be able to handle what life throws at them. 

Brittany is insightful, caring, and compassionate. She stays in touch with people from every stage of her life and our social and family networks are stronger because of her. Once she starts something, she commits to it. I know our future child will always be able to count on her.

how we met

How We Met

We met in 2015 when we both lived in New Hampshire. Brittany had just finished graduate school and wanted to meet someone special, and Chris was ready to find his forever partner. Despite it raining on our first date, we immediately hit it off. A month later we went away together for the weekend and knew we had something special when we couldn't stop finding new things to talk about. On the last day of our trip we watched the sunrise together and knew it was the beginning of a new chapter. A year and a half later, Brittany’s job took her to Washington, D.C., and Chris followed. Chris proposed on Christmas 2018, and we were married in 2019.

Advice to Future Child

We will always love you. 

Talk to us - it doesn’t matter what it is. 

Follow your passion; try new things; it's ok to take risks - we got you. 

School is important - it’s ok if you’re not good at everything, but you can’t give up when things are hard. 

Your health and safety are our number one priority and we will do everything we can to make sure you’re ok. 

Life can be challenging, but we’re on this journey together. Lean on us when you need to and we’ll help you find a way forward.

Perspectives on Open Adoption

From the beginning of the adoption process, we have both been thoroughly committed to open adoption. We will do whatever is best for the child, and that includes them knowing their whole story - including who you are. We understand if you may not be sure about how open you want things to be and that’s ok - let’s work through what’s best for your child together.


  • Favorite Movie: Top Gun
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Thanksgiving because there is delicious food, football, and family.
  • Hobbies/Interests: sports cars and piano
  • Dream Vacation: a private beach in Thailand
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: teleportation
  • Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: I love Christmas because of the magical anticipation of Christmas Magic I had as a child that somehow still lives on today.
  • Hobbies/Interests: reading, yoga, cooking
  • Dream Vacation: a private beach in Thailand
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: time travel

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