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Chris + Jessica

Engineer (Satellite Communications) / Botanist/Field Biologist




All About Chris & Jessica

Hello! We know that you are looking for the perfect home and parents for your baby and we are very grateful for the courageous path you have chosen. We know that it is an incredibly difficult decision to choose an adoption plan and we admire your strength. We hope that we can make this experience a little easier for you by supporting you in whatever ways you need and putting your mind at ease that your baby will be raised in a loving home. 

Jess grew up in Alaska and Montana but spent most of her adult life in California. She attended Humboldt State University in Northern CA to study botany and biology, and we still have mutual friends there that we love to visit. She also attended San Francisco State University for a master’s degree in Conservation Biology, which gave her the opportunity to explore city life for a few years. As a botanist and field biologist, she spends a lot of time outside and gets to see some pretty cool things. 

Chris grew up in a small town in Virginia. His parents moved there before he was born and still live in his childhood home. He still has great friends from growing up there and now that many of them have children, we’re looking forward to introducing them to their new “cousins”. He went to the University of Michigan to study Aerospace Engineering which turned out to be a great decision! Not only has it allowed him to have a great career but perhaps more importantly, he met a second family of friends, so even more “cousins” for the newest member of our family to play with. He lived in St. Louis for a few years after school before moving back to VA. After we reconnected, Chris moved to California within a year.

Brdiger, our 1-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback, joined our family in November 2021 and we fell in love immediately. Bridger is a "gentle giant", extremely sweet, and great with kids. Our nephews and friends' kids adore him, almost as much as we do.

Why Adoption?

We were in our mid to late-30s when we got married, so we started trying to have a family right away. Unfortunately, Jess has a genetic condition we didn’t know about, and we discovered we could never have children of our own. We were crushed. We continued trying to conceive using embryos from an egg donor for several years, but after numerous failed attempts and miscarriages we decided that adoption was a better choice for us to grow our family. It has been a long road to get here and we are so excited to adopt! We have so much to offer and love to give. 

Family & Home

We own a 4-bedroom 3.5 bath home in Santa Barbara in a great school district. We are lucky to live in a beautiful beach town with a community that is very kid and family oriented with lots of parks, outdoor camps, a kid's museum, and the zoo all within a 10 minute drive. There is always something to do if you want to get out and explore. We have a spacious house with a big kitchen and front yard for entertaining family and friends, and a nursery so your baby can have their own room. 

Our families are mostly in the Rockies (Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado) or on the East Coast (Brooklyn, Virginia), so we often travel for the holidays to see them and spend time in the snow or the big city. Chris’ parents have been together since high school (53 years!). We spend every July 4th with Chris’ family and friends at his parents river house in rural Virginia. Jess comes from a big Catholic family - her Dad is one of six, so in addition to her sister and niece, she has 15 first cousins who all have kids. Your baby will be loved by many aunties and uncles and will have loads of cousins to play with! 

We both have large friend groups that are all over the globe. We often host visiting friends in our home and are excited to travel as a family and show a child the world and all it has to offer.

How others describe me

Let me tell you about Chris. Chris is a big guy, with a huge heart, who cries at weddings and would do anything for his friends and family. He will be an amazing dad! He is the most loving, smart, funny, and terrific guy. Chris is genuine, compassionate, understanding, and entirely devoted to me and our family. He is patient, kind, and a good listener. He has been so supportive through the difficult times dealing with infertility and we are stronger for it. Chris is an incredibly loyal friend and a great cook, specializing in anything BBQ.

Let me tell you about Jess. Jess is the most hardworking, lovely person I've ever known, and I thank my lucky stars that she seems to like me. She is the smartest, kindest, funniest girl on the planet. She will be a stupendous mom! (I struggled for the right word there). It never shocked me how quickly she connected with my nephews, but I am regularly impressed with how quickly she connects with all kiddos. It is absolutely natural for her. She makes a new best friend every time she meets a little one and I can't tell you how many times our friends' children want to see "Jess Auntie". I knew she was extra special the day we met. Jess is always up for an adventure, from traveling the globe, to visiting our families. She builds me up and I hope I do the same for her.

how we met

How We Met

We met in 2007 through a mutual friend and connected immediately, but we lived on opposite sides of the country (Jess in California and Chris in Virginia) so our true romance was delayed for a while. We reconnected for New Year's Eve in 2015 and realized that we had found our person in each other. We have been inseparable since. We got married in June 2017 and immediately began trying to have a family.

Advice to Future Child

Be kind to others, small gestures can make a big difference. A smile goes a long way and making someone laugh goes even further. Work hard, play hard, and laugh often. Always be curious, never stop learning about yourself and the world around you. Life will inevitably be tough at times, but know that you always have people who love and support you and this too shall pass.

Perspectives on Open Adoption

We will support you and be there for you during your pregnancy and afterward, in whatever capacity you are comfortable with. Your baby will always know you love them and that adoption was a decision made out of your desire for them to have the best life possible. We both have cousins who are adopted, one internationally from birth and two from the foster system in the U.S., so we understand that each family situation is a little different -  two of them have close relationships with their biological siblings and grandparents and one of them doesn’t have any contact with her biological family at all. Both situations work and all of them are happy. We are open to different scenarios and would work with you to figure out what the best path forward is for all of us. No matter what the situation, your baby will know where they came from and how we became their parents.


  • Favorite Movie: The Big Lebowski
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Thanksgiving and Xmas for friends and family. Xmas has been winning in the last few years though because it is pretty fun to be with my nephews when they see the tree in the morning.
  • Hobbies/Interests: snowboarding, hip-hop, movies, spy novels
  • Dream Vacation: a couple days on safari in Zambia or Botswana, over to Madagascar, then on to Croatia
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: Tough one. Maybe control water like Magneto does to metal?
  • Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: I love Halloween, we have a huge bin of costumes, and Thanksgiving for the good company and the leftovers.
  • Hobbies/Interests: snowboarding, gardening, hiking, live music
  • Dream Vacation: traveling around Indonesia
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: to instantly be able to understand any language

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