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All About Chris & Jill

Thank you very much for looking at our profile. First and foremost, we want to acknowledge the importance of the decision that you are considering, and the courage it will take to make it. We come into this process with the utmost respect for you, and that decision. Like you, we want what is best for the child.

Why Adoption?

We always knew that we wanted children and agreed early on that we wanted to create our family through adoption. We have family members who have adopted children and friends who are adopted.  They will become part of the community that will support us and help us raise our child. We are incredibly excited and hopeful for this next chapter of our lives.

Family & Home

We now live in New Hampshire in a quiet neighborhood that is great for walking our 3 year old rescue husky/chocolate lab, Grizzly, but more commonly called “The Good Boy.”  He more than lives up to this name.  He is a sweet boy up for playing or cuddling.  He is very gentle with kids and loves to hike.

Our neighborhood is full of young families and many potential future playmates for our child.  It is low traffic and ideal for bike riding.  We are only a short walk from the local elementary school and park.  We have a fenced in backyard with a small vegetable garden. We live in one of the largest, and most diverse cities in New Hampshire, which is very important to us. We are a short drive to the downtown, which includes many restaurants, theaters, museums, a baseball stadium and a large arena that hosts many events. We are fortunate to be at a stable, happy place in our lives, and we can’t wait to add a little human to the mix.

Family is very important to us and we are lucky to have a supportive family that enjoys spending time together.  Jill’s family rents a lake house in New Hampshire every summer and have been happy to host Chris’ parents there in recent years.  We have taken ski trips with Jill’s brother and a Colorado road trip with Chris’s sister.  This past Thanksgiving we were lucky to host both families in our home cooking our first 20 pound turkey! We are looking forward to hosting (and attending) many more family events with a tiny +1 in attendance.

Jill’s family lives only 30 minutes away, close enough for a midweek dinner with her mom and dad who still live in the home she grew up in. Her father is a retired home builder and her mother is a retired career counselor.  Her father enjoys playing tennis and is looking forward to teaching tennis to future grandkids.  Her mother enjoys gardening and reading. They are happy to be dog sitters when we go away for the weekend, but they are even more eager to become babysitters! Jill’s brother is also close by, living with his long-term girlfriend and their dog.

Chris’s family lives about 3 hours away in the Adirondacks, in the town that his mother grew up in. His parents are also both retired and now enjoy traveling, bike rides, hiking, and spending time with family. Visits include seeing not only Chris’s parents, but also aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, extended family and friends. They live in a lake community so visits often involve going out on the family boat, swimming and all kinds of fun in the water.

How others describe me

Jill describing Chris: 

Chris is an easy person to love.  On our first few dates, I could see that he has an open heart.   He is a caring and loyal friend and family member.  In any spare minute he is quick to pick up the phone and call his parents, sister, aunts, uncles, cousins, as well as friends from childhood and new friends. He doesn’t hesitate to say “I love you” and says this generously and sincerely to friends and family. He is an enthusiastic sports fan.  He was a college football player and now plays a lot of basketball.  Chris is passionate about advocating for social justice and fighting climate change.  He is an active member in the community working to make the world better for all now and leaving a better world for our children.

We have chosen to be partners for life and we have a strong relationship built on mutual respect and admiration. We see each other as equals. Championing and leaning into each other’s strengths and supporting and working on our weaknesses.  We truly enjoy each other’s company and our relationship has thrived through multiple moves, job changes, week-long road trips and COVID quarantines.

Chris describing Jill: 

Jill is going to be a fantastic mother. She is tender and smart, kind and playful, patient and responsible. Jill will be a great mother in no small part because she was raised by one. Jill was raised by people who gave her strength to overcome her challenges and space to become her own person. She will be able to provide the same safe, positive and nurturing environment to this child. I’m so excited for the opportunity to contribute and see Jill as a mother up close every day. Jill knows that parenting will be not only be an amazing journey, but an all-encompassing education. She will not be afraid to ask for help, should she need it and she will become a better mother and person day-by-day. This child couldn’t possibly be in better hands.

how we met

How We Met

We met swiping right on the world wide web back in 2016. Jill was completing her medical training in Western Massachusetts and Chris was working not so far away in Connecticut. On the first date, Chris was impressed with how quickly Jill took down her cheeseburger and Jill was happy with how easily the conversation flowed, and one date quickly turned into many. Jill accepted a job in Manhattan and it was not long after that Chris followed her to the city.  We are both open to adventure and new experiences. In the city we were fortunate to take advantage of the many parks, Broadway shows, and museums.  We also took weekend trips to camp, hike, ski and visit family. Sharing experiences like these, helped the deep love we felt for one another to grow.

During a hike with Jill’s brother and Chris’s sister, Chris surprised Jill with a mountain top proposal overlooking Lake George in New York.  Jill’s surprise continued when both families met us at the dock for a celebratory boat ride.  It was a perfect day that was made even better by sharing it with our family.

Now engaged, we decided to move back to Jill’s native New Hampshire, between our two sets of parents.  We married on a fall weekend in Vermont surrounded by our family and friends. A weekend filled with lots of love and dancing that both of us never wanted to end.

Advice to Future Child

We promise to devote our lives to this child and to build the most loving and supportive home that we possibly can. We will protect and comfort them, but we will also challenge and push them. We will allow them to be themselves and explore what that means, while teaching them that they are part of a larger human family and though they are unique, and special, the world does not revolve around any one of us. We will encourage them to have pride in their strengths, and to work on their weaknesses. We will never expect or demand perfection, only honest effort in facing life’s lessons and challenges. We will do our very best to emphasize the importance of compassion, kindness and independence. With those values in mind, we will try our very best to let this child follow their dreams.

Perspectives on Open Adoption

We are strong believers in the virtues of open adoption. We want your child to know his or her story and to know you.  We look forward to getting to you know you and the important people in your life. If in reading our profile you find a connection, then we hope that you will consider   allowing us the opportunity to get to know one another, build a relationship and become an important part of each other’s lives. No matter what kind of ongoing relationship you choose, we will always celebrate you, and your courageous act of bringing this child into this world.


  • Favorite Movie: Any Christopher Nolan film
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Nothing better than a holiday party on a snowy night, when you open the door and see so many friendly faces in a cozy, warm place!
  • Hobbies/Interests: Quality time with family and friends, bonus points for spending that time in nature, skiing, hiking, biking, camping, swimming. I also love sports and play basketball a couple nights a week.
  • Dream Vacation: skiing in Japan
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: I would love to fly.
  • Favorite Movie: Good Will Hunting
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: simply getting together with family and friends
  • Hobbies/Interests: spending time with family & friends, hiking, cycling, skiing, reading
  • Dream Vacation: Chris and I have been lucky to have taken many dream vacations together. I love any vacation that we are together, getting to spend time with loved ones and exploring the outdoors.
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: To teleport which would make it that much easier to connect with our family & friends and go on adventures.

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