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Christian + Jessica

Police Officer / SAHM, part time lactation counselor/RN




All About Christian & Jessica

Hello! We are Christian and Jessica (Jessi) Kinsman. We have had adoption on our hearts since before we even started dating–it was actually the first question Christian asked Jessi, was if she’d be open to adopting someday. When she answered yes, he asked her out and the rest is history! 

We have 2 biological boys, Cephas (4) and Chip (2). Jessi had very difficult pregnancies both times, with increasing difficulty in Chip’s pregnancy resulting in several health issues and an eventual hysterectomy. When she was pregnant with Cephas, she ended up needing to quit her job as a cardiac nurse in downtown Denver so she could rest and better take care of herself and baby. She has since become a stay at home mom, as this was always our desire for our kids to have a stay at home parent. She now works very part time as a lactation counselor and does home visits with clients, scheduled around Christian’s job as a police officer. 

Christian is a hard worker and has always had a great desire to help people. He gets to do a lot of that as a police officer, and absolutely loves his ability to reach into people’s lives and help them in ways he couldn’t before. 

We love having fun as a family, playing games (video games, card games, and board games), spending time outside with our bernedoodle puppy (named after a Star Wars character named Gungi), working out together, and cooking/eating together. We also attend a Bible teaching church and love serving with the youth. Jessi also serves with the women’s ministry and worship ministry.

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Why Adoption?

Adoption has always been on our hearts and we always knew we would want to add to our family in this way! Christian’s mom was adopted at a young age by her stepdad, after an abusive childhood. Our brother-in-law grew up in a family who fostered and adopted many children, and Jessi also has an aunt and uncle who fostered to adopt two girls. 

As Christians as well, adoption has always been very near and dear to our hearts, since we have been adopted into the family of God and it is our desire to take part in this unique relationship in our family!

Family & Home

We live in a single family home in a suburban neighborhood that is diverse in cultures, ages, and lifestyles. We do have a lot of families in our neighborhood and we love meeting new people when we go on walks or go down to the park!

We are heavily involved in our church and the community there as well. We love spending time with our church family for church services, Bible studies, and helping with youth group and other ministries. 

We are also very close with both our families, and both of our immediate families live in various places all over Colorado. Christian is the oldest of 2 boys, and Jessi is the oldest of 6 (5 girls and 1 boy). We love spending time with our parents, siblings and siblings-in-law, as well as all our niblings (yes, it’s a real word for nieces and nephews, and way more fun than saying “nieces and nephews” ;) ). We have always dreamed of having a big family and look forward to adding to it through adoption!

How others describe me

Jessi describes Christian as a hard-working, selfless, funny, playful, and deeply devoted man of God. She is so grateful for his leadership in their family, for how hard he works to provide for them, but also how much fun he has with her, the boys, and the pup! He is someone who is loyal and strong, and pushes the people around him to be the best versions of themselves. 

Christian describes Jessi as a hard-working and selfless wife and loving mother who puts everyone she knows before herself. She has an immensely positive attitude and always tries to find the best in any person and situation. Jessi truly loves providing help to new mothers using her profession of lactation counseling and her background in nursing.

how we met

How We Met

We met at a haunted house in 2014 and were friends for about a year and a half before we started dating in spring of 2016. We got married April of 2017 and have been enjoying many adventures together since!

Advice to Future Child

Our advice to our future child would first and foremost be to always know and remember that God loves you so dearly. We are and have been praying for you, even now, and can’t wait to see how the Lord uses your life and your unique personality to make this world a better place and draw people to Him! 

We would also encourage you to be yourself and not be afraid to take risks and go on adventures! We have grown so much in the risks and adventures we’ve taken these past years, and we encourage everyone to do the same! It won’t always be easy, but it’s always been worth it.

Perspectives on Open Adoption

We are open to and would prefer open adoption. Our future child’s story doesn’t begin with us, and we desire to be open about our child’s story and history from the very beginning. We will always strive to answer questions as best we can and we would love to foster a relationship with our child’s biological family to the level of openness that they are open to.


  • Favorite Movie: Star Wars (not the new ones), Saving Private Ryan, and The Chosen series
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Christmas and Thanksgiving, especially sharing family meals together
  • Hobbies/Interests: cooking, working out, house renovations
  • Dream Vacation: Alaska in the spring, Iceland, and New Zealand
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: super speed
  • Favorite Movie: Almost anything Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Lord of the Rings!
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: I have always loved Christmas! I love getting together with family and friends and making and sharing memories together. It's been particularly fun adding kids to the mix and seeing the wonder of Christmas through the eye of our kids and siblings. One tradition in particular that I've always loved is chopping down our own Christmas tree every year as a family. (This is how Christian proposed to me at the end of 2016, so now it's doubly special.)
  • Hobbies/Interests: I love reading (especially mystery, thrillers, or fantasy!), spending time outside playing or hiking, playing games (particularly Heroes of the Storm on PC, and chess or cards with Christian), spending time with people, traveling, and helping mothers and their new babies with breastfeeding
  • Dream Vacation: A mountain getaway (maybe Alaska??), complete with beautiful views, a cozy cabin, and a warm fire at the end of a long day outside.
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: I would love to be able to fly!

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