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Cory + Laura

National Account Manager / Administrative Assistant




All About Cory & Laura

CORY - I grew up in Southern California with two older brothers and an adopted younger sister.  I have always loved to play sports and still consider myself an athlete (although that’s kind of a stretch at this age).  Growing up, my family was deeply involved with the church and I attended a Catholic elementary school.  I love to learn but had a lot of difficulties keeping my grades up in high school.  Still, I worked hard during my 20s and continued to take classes every year while working full time and eventually completed my Bachelor's degree and then earned an MBA.  Working a variety of difficult low paying jobs definitely helped push me to finish my education.  Thankfully all that hard work paid off and I now have a successful career doing something I love.  When I have free time I like to read and often it is about spirituality and different faiths to learn more and expand my own understanding of my faith.  In addition, I tend to always pick up new hobbies.  The most recent is ukulele and crocheting.  Those are probably a bit odd for a 40-year-old man to start up, but I like to try new things.  

LAURA - I grew up in Southern California in a loving family with a younger brother. I am a very caring and fun-loving person who tries to always be positive and nice to everyone. I am artistic and enjoy creating things. I enjoy building and have remodeled several homes. I love being outdoors with my family and enjoy going to all types of events. Camping and fishing are some of our favorite past times along with going to Disneyland, aquariums, and the Zoo. God and faith are also very important to me and I am thankful for all our blessings.

Why Adoption?

Before we even tried to get pregnant with our first son, Brendan, we talked about what we would do if we were unable to have our own kids.  Cory’s sister was adopted so he was already interested in possibly adopting and Laura was equally open to the idea.  After having our first son, Brendan, we were eager and excited to have another child so he could have a sibling.  We tried unsuccessfully for almost two years and then decided it was time to try something else.  We explored our options but always knew in our hearts that adoption was the path for us.  We know that it comes with its own unique challenges but we also have faith that this is the right choice for our family.  Adoption is the next chapter of our family story. We are very excited and can’t wait to bring a child to our home and love them with all of our hearts!

Family & Home

We live on a cul-de-sac in a quieter coastal neighborhood with many families who have young children.  Our street almost always has a few kids playing at the end of the cul-de-sac and the kids are getting old enough to make friends with each other and play together.  Our community is very diverse, vibrant, and proud, with a strong support for one another and the city itself.  It is a wonderful place to live and we love our city and neighborhood.  Most of our family lives in Oregon or back near the desert in Southern California but we visit them almost every month.  We have an extremely close knit set of friends we have known since grade school.  Now that we all have children we meet up every couple of months to go camping over the weekend.  Overall, it was tough when we decided to move but we found the perfect area to settle and raise our family.

How others describe me

Cory about Laura- Laura’s kindness and mindfulness is breathtaking and infectious.  It is truly my favorite part of her personality and it constantly inspires me to find new ways to be of service to other people.  Anyone who is a friend of Laura’s considers themselves very lucky.  She constantly showers the people she loves with thoughtful gifts, sometimes her own artwork, maybe decorating your office or even your car.  She is hilarious and makes me laugh every day since we met.  She is a wonderful mother who has never once shied away from doing the hardest parts of parenting.  Even when we are both completely exhausted, she jumps up to volunteer when we need to change a diaper, give a bath, or read stories until Brendan falls asleep.  My life has continued to get better in every measurable way since we met.
Laura about Cory- Cory is the most loving, thoughtful, and patient person I have ever met. He continuously strives to be the best person he can be and does this by always searching for new ways of self-improvement, helping, and supporting others. He loves to have fun and is always positive which is why people are always drawn to him and he has multiple lifelong friendships that have spanned three decades. He is family-oriented and loves to visit his extended family, which is a blessing to me as I had a very small family growing up. He really is my best friend, my confidant, and the most amazing father. He is also our son’s “best bud” and is the best playing partner who is always up for a chase around the house, jumping on the trampoline, playing monster, a dance of party, or whatever silly games we come up with. I am honored and blessed to have him in my life.