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Craig + Kim

Filmmaker and Studio Technician / Digital Producer

New York

African American


All About Craig & Kim

Thank you so much for checking out our profile. We’re Craig and Kim! We have a wonderful son who can’t wait to be an older brother.

We live in NYC and love movies. We both work in entertainment and love the beach. Our favorite seasons are spring, summer, and fall. We fill our weekend with toddler activities like riding the train, music classes, and trips to the zoo or botanical gardens. Kim’s sisters come over every other weekend, so the movie geeks can have a date night and debate the quality of the latest film.

We hope to adopt because we love how children expand your heart and make life an adventure. We know that adoption is not roses and rainbows. We know that there is loss on all sides of the equation, which is why we want to keep lines of communication open. We aren’t adopting to fill a void–we’re hoping to adopt because we’re blessed with an abundance of love in our hearts, and we want to shower another child with our love and support.

Why Adoption?

There are many reasons why we're adopting. The first, having our son, we realized that children are miracles, and it felt like God doubled the love in our hearts. Then, after we met our son, we knew we wanted a tribe and were sad we didn't start growing our family sooner. Our son took love, patience, and God to make. We endured two major surgeries, more than 60 sessions of acupuncture, and several rounds of IVF to create a uterus where he could grow. After his birth, our struggle with infertility continued making a second child an even greater challenge. But through the struggles, we have relied on God and are thankful that he has brought us to where we are today – adoption. Joyce Maguire Pavao says, "Adoption is not about finding children for families; it's about finding families for children" – We believe this to be 100% true! Ultimately, we want to adopt because we have the space in our heart, home, and life to love a child, and we pray daily that God blesses us with a chance to grow our family. We know this is a hard decision for you – and we promise to respect and honor your adoption plan. 

Family & Home

We live in a spacious apartment in NYC! Our neighborhood feels like the suburbs – safe and welcoming! Within five blocks of our front door -- there are three playgrounds, a beautiful park, and a museum. Our neighborhood is diverse – the community is filled with people from African, Latino, Russian, and West Indian cultures. All religions are also represented here: Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, and Muslim. In addition, there are adoptees and interracial families in our neighborhood, and everyone feels welcome. We chose this neighborhood because it felt like a community – we have mom & pop run bakeries, pizzerias, cleaners, and restaurants. We have several free library stands– we donated many books to make space for our son's books. We love how close we are to the park –where we often go on nature walks. The year-round farmer's market was a huge selling point for us. We really enjoy cooking -- we have so many cooking books it's insane. Speaking of books – our library is our favorite part of the house.

We were both born in the tri-state area. ​​Kim's immediate family is one borough away. Craig's family is right across the bridge in Jersey, and we see them often! For holidays – we truly throw down in the kitchen! Craig makes a killer pork shoulder for Christmas, and Kim makes a fantastic herb turkey for Thanksgiving. We travel to the beach several times a year and stay for a couple of weeks. We plan one international trip every 2-3 years. IVF halted that a couple of times, but we've been to Spain, Lisbon, Morocco, France, and Mexico so far. We usually travel with our friends who have children, so we're like one big family. Our friends are our hearts. Most of them are in NYC, but we also travel to see friends in other states. We have great traditions like Summertime Pig Roast, Pizza Picnics in the Park, and Christmas Eve-Eve celebration with our besties.

How others describe me

Kim Described by Craig: Kim is my life as well as my wife. Let me just say that I'm so lucky, but honestly, luck had nothing to do with it -- To God, all the glory. I learned from an early age about the virtuous woman. Kim is gold to me. Kim is a planner and loves a project – that's why she's an excellent producer! She is constantly planning fun activities for the weekend or mini-getaways. She loves action films and crime shows. She loves to cook and is always looking up new recipes to try. When we were dating, if she had a delicious dish at a restaurant – she would go home and recreate it. Kim is a dedicated giver. For 8 years, Kim has been volunteering twice a month at a local non-profit where she creates Mommy and Me workshops for single parents.

Craig described by Kim: What attracted me to Craig (besides his handsome features and height) was his overall temperament. Craig is a calm man who thinks before he reacts. He loves life and is always 10 minutes early, balancing my lateness. Don’t laugh; he taught me how to be on time (most of the time). Craig is methodical and handy. He never rushes into a situation; he constantly assesses and thinks about all of the pros and cons. He would hate for me to brag on how handy he is – but he really can put anything together. Craig is a movie aficionado, a.k.a. geek, so it’s good that he’s a union member who works on creating and lighting films. Craig loves home-cooked meals over take-out.

how we met

How We Met

We met at work – a canceled CBS show. We discovered that we lived on the same street, two blocks away from each other. It was fate – we both love movies, good food, and learning new things. Together we have helped each other reach new heights!

It took us a year to find a wedding venue, and just like us finding each other – our dream location was 4 blocks from the beach we visit several times a year. We had a beautiful outdoor ceremony. It was 63 and sunny! Our wedding had a roaring ’20's vibe. We ate surf and turf east coast style – crab cakes and steak. Our wedding cake was Craig’s favorite cake of all time – coconut. We were surrounded by family and friends – we danced the night away!

Advice to Future Child

Whenever you’re unsure or a bit nervous – Know that we love you no matter what. Know that God has a plan for you and ask him to light the way.

Whenever you’re antsy, frustrated, or angry – dance it out – It always works for mom and dad.

Happiness, Love, and Kindness should always come first – choose people who feel that way too.

Remember – You can do anything; you just have to break it down into steps.

Perspectives on Open Adoption

Open adoption is a beautiful thing, and we love that the world embraces it. We plan to create an adoption plan with the expectant parents that is open and healthy. In the future, we plan to incorporate the child’s perspective on the level of openness. We’ve learned that the adoption triad can be complex to navigate, but we plan to approach it with honesty and love.




  • Favorite Movie: Inception, Star Wars, Heat
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Christmas dinner with my family
  • Hobbies/Interests: movie making, nature walks, comic books, collectibles
  • Dream Vacation: Egypt
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: invincibility


  • Favorite Movie: Dark Knight, Fate of the Furious, Les Misérables
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Celebrating Craig’s birthday at the beach
  • Hobbies/Interests: going to the Farmer’s Market, cooking, reading
  • Dream Vacation: Eating tour in Morocco and France
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: to fly

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