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Daniel + Ingrid

Self-Employed, Real Estate Investor / Stay-at-Home Mom/Occupational Therapy Assistant




All About Daniel & Ingrid

We truly appreciate you looking at our profile and if given the chance we will provide your child with a home filled with unconditional love, adventures, and encouragement. We value our relationship with God, family, and each other, and are excited to see if our adoption journey will lead us to you.  We are sincere, and what you see is really who we are. We are adventurous and love to travel to both local events, but also out of state or even the country. Our goal is to visit all the national parks as a family. We are a fun-loving family whether having dance parties at home (as we are kids at heart) or hosting friends and family over as we are very social. We have been married now for 11 years and have been blessed with our son, Steven, through adoption. We look forward to growing our family and providing a sibling for Steven.

Why Adoption?

We have always wanted to be parents and have wanted to adopt in order to bring a child into our family who needed a home. We aren’t able to have biological children and would love any child just as much even if they aren’t biological.  We have friends who have also adopted, so we have a good community of people who have kids who can relate to our children being adoptees. Danny grew up in a bigger family and so values having more than one child. Ingrid grew up with a twin sibling, so wants to provide our son with a sibling to play with and eventually become friends.

Family & Home

Our home is in town and we love the fenced in backyard because it is safe for little kids. We have a patio that can be entered from the walkout basement and that is where we like to entertain in the summer with grilling out and campfires. Steven has a sandbox he loves to play in as well as swings. We like to host and our home has enough space to have people come over with it being an open floor plan.  

We are a block away from a park and playground. In the winter they fill an area with water for an ice skating rink and there is a fantastic hill for sledding. We like taking family walks and are within walking distance to restaurants and an ice cream shop. Our neighborhood is quiet and has a variety of ages and ethnicities of people living there. We live on a cul du sac and have great neighbors who we are friends with and our son is friends with their kids.  

We are involved in our community through our church and with the University.  The University has a host friend program for international students to spend time getting to know them and their culture and introduce them to fun experiences in the area.

We have good relationships with our families on both sides.  Danny’s parents are still married and he has 3 brothers. We have 7 nieces and nephews who are so fun to play with, and they would love another cousin to dote on. Family is very important to us. We have a large family get-togethers for holidays with lots of food and laughter.  We also like to go on trips with them like renting a cabin on a lake in WI to go fishing, swimming, pontooning, and paddle boarding.  Ingrid’s mom and dad are divorced and we have a great relationship with both of them and their spouses. Ingrid has a twin sister and a younger half-sister that we enjoy spending time with.  We are a traveling family and have taken various trips from Colorado to northern Wisconsin, and to the beach.  We are an active family that enjoys downhill skiing, boating, biking, and hiking together.

How others describe me

Meet my wife, Ingrid: She is sweet, adventurous, and courageous all at the same time. She has a HUGE heart and loves people with all of it. She is wise and has a deep faith in God, but loves to laugh and be silly also.  She likes to travel to warm places, cook healthy food, be active, and take good care of herself. Ingrid is a hard worker, and has earned two different college degrees in Education and Occupational Therapy. She is a very dependable and reliable person who you can count on through the ups and downs of life. Ingrid loves being a mom, and is a great role model to Steven. She is a very caring and well-rounded person. I love Ingrid, and so will any child that we are lucky enough to have in our life!

Meet my husband, Danny: I love him for his storytelling that captivates a room and ends in laughter. His laugh is contagious.  I admire Danny for his great work ethic. He is a driven person. While he was working as a firefighter/paramedic, he turned our rental properties into a property management business. Danny is now a real estate developer and property manager full time. He has a strong faith that has provided wisdom when making life decisions for our family. Danny is such a good dad. He is able to get the best giggles out of Steven and is tender-hearted when he needs to be as well. He is adventurous and spontaneous. Danny makes life more exciting, and I am so blessed to experience it with him.

how we met

How We Met

Our story began when we met at Ingrid’s cousin's wedding. Danny happened to be friends with Ingrid’s cousin. We dated long distance and both shared a heart for wanting adoption to be part of our family’s story.

Advice to Future Child

We will unconditionally love and support this child. We will encourage and equip this child to try new things and to reach his or her full potential. Ingrid is a stay-at-home mom and occasionally picks up shifts as an occupational therapist assistant. This allows her to dedicate her time to raising this child by providing safety, exciting learning experiences, and playdates with other friends who are positive influences. Danny has a flexible work schedule which also allows him to be available for more family time. We will both be around to instill good values while also being a whole lot of fun!

Perspectives on Open Adoption

We want you to know that we are open to a relationship with you after he or she is born. Since we have an open adoption with Steven’s birth parents we are familiar with how to build this relationship. We are happy to send monthly picture updates, send an annual letter with highlights from the year, and do a visit once a year when the child is a little older. Or we can discuss with you further your preferences. We are willing to navigate with you what that might look like, if that is something you desire.


  • Favorite Movie: Tombstone
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: Christmas is my favorite holiday.  I love seeing family and having a big meal with pecan pie and then everyone joins in on the fake snowball fight in the living room.
  • Hobbies/Interests: running half marathons, hiking, deer and elk hunting, fishing, reading, watching sports, and exercising
  • Dream Vacation: take a cruise to multiple tropical islands and sign up for an excursion to go deep sea fishing
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: I would want to be able to finish work tasks really fast so I had more time to spend with my family.
  • Favorite Movie: Patch Adams
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: My favorite holiday is Christmas.  I love getting together with our family and going to see the Christmas lights at our local park as well as having our shrimp meal we have each year.
  • Hobbies/Interests: exercising: kickboxing, lifting weights, hiking, rollerblading, biking, gardening, reading, interior design, & cooking healthy food
  • Dream Vacation: I would go to Bora Bora or some tropical place and stay in a bungalow over the water, and swim, read, and relax.
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: I would want to be able to anticipate what others were thinking, so I could better help them.

We’re here to help.