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Eric + Heather

Nuclear Engineer / Secretary


Hispanic / Pacific Islander


All About Eric & Heather


We had the pleasure of meeting each other relatively early in our lives, which means we’ve been lucky enough to spend the past 20 years or so getting to know one another and spending time together on what has been quite a wild ride! While we’ve shared so many wonderful adventures, we’ve dealt with hardships as well, weathering them better than we could have anticipated, and creating an even deeper bond as a result. And while we have enjoyed being a duo for two decades, we’re ready to add to our family and begin our next adventure, parenthood!

Why Adoption?

Very early in our relationship, we knew that we wanted to have children.  In 2012, we decided that the time was right to grow our family.  Unfortunately, we were unable to conceive.  We began to see a fertility specialist and went through multiple rounds of in vitro fertilization, but our efforts were unsuccessful.  We were disappointed; however, we both knew that even if we couldn’t have biological children, we still wanted to be parents.  We began to consider adoption, and as we’ve gone through the process, we’re certain that this was meant to be our path to parenthood.

Family & Home

We live in Hawaii, on the beautiful island of Oahu, where Heather was born and raised.  While Eric is from Texas, he’s practically a local of the islands; he’s lived here for over 18 years.  We’ve lived in our home for over 11 years, and in that time have worked to update it and make it comfortable for our family.  It has plenty of space for a child and a small fenced-in yard where our dogs love to run around.  Our community is full of diverse young families, where our neighbor’s children often play in the street in front of our home or swim in the community pool located about a hundred yards from our front door.  With nearby parks and multiple beaches just 15 minutes away, there’s never a shortage of enticing places to spend a balmy afternoon.

Weekly family dinners, hikes, trips to the beach, and other fun outings are common in our family. We love to spend time with our young nephews, ages 7 and 11. We also have family in Texas who we speak with weekly and visit as often as possible.

How others describe me

About Heather by Eric

Heather is compassionate, considerate, and very caring of others.  Whether it’s taking care of our dogs, looking out for me and our best interests, making delicious banana bread for the family, or being a great aunty to our niece and nephews, she definitely puts others ahead of herself.  I do my best every day to make sure she’s loved and appreciated.

Heather loves to read.  Her passion for reading is only surpassed by her passion for all things Disney.  You’ll often find her watching videos about Disneyland and Walt Disney World or shopping for Disney merchandise.

Heather will be a great parent.  I see it in her every time she lights up when she sees her two young nephews and how she cares about and loves those two boys.  They can’t get enough of her, they just love her.

About Eric by Heather

One of the things that I love most about Eric is his ability to continue to grow as a person.  He consistently sets goals, then goes about achieving them.  And while he has accomplished much in his life, he has remained humble and a genuinely nice person.

Eric works so hard to support our family.  Besides his service to the country as a nuclear engineer and Navy Reservist, he always completes tasks around the house I’ve assigned to him, usually in a timely manner.  He also works hard to love and support me every day.  He is an amazing partner!

Eric will be a wonderful parent because he’s caring.  He takes care of others by preparing meals for our family.  He’s especially famous for his spaghetti.  He also loves our nephews and enjoys spending time with them playing video games, exercising, and shooting them with the water hose while they attempt to help him wash the car.  I can’t wait to see him step into a role that he’s coveted for so long, “dad.”

how we met

How We Met

We met on AOL Instant Messenger in the fall of 2001.  After many hours-long chats, both online and on the phone, and determining that it was safe to meet in person, we had our first date in March 2002, in which we watched a movie and indulged in Dippin’ Dots.  More than 20 years later, we feel so blessed to have found the perfect match in each other, and have enjoyed many years of love, laughter, and shared experiences.

Advice to Future Child

Our advice to our future child is to always be kind.  You never know what hardships a person may be silently bearing, and with a simple smile or a kind word you could change the trajectory of their entire day.

Perspectives on Open Adoption

As we considered the different types of adoption, we felt very strongly that we wanted to have an open adoption.  We feel that when a child knows where they came from, they have the best chance at forming a full and complete identity.  We plan to tell your child their adoption story from an early age, so that they will grow up knowing that there are so many people who love them and that they are incredibly special.  Open adoption provides us with the option to meet each other, if you’re open to that.  We will gladly provide you with pictures of your child throughout the years, as well as letters or emails on their progress.  We will be sure to honor you by telling your child about you and how the power of love brought us all together.


  • Favorite Movie: Saving Private Ryan
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: making and eating tamales on Christmas Eve
  • Hobbies/Interests: running, listening to audiobooks, hiking, sailing
  • Dream Vacation: road trip across the U.S.
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: flight, who wouldn’t want to be able to fly?
  • Favorite Movie: You’ve Got Mail
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: eating traditional Hawaiian food with my family on Christmas day
  • Hobbies/Interests: reading (currently loving the fantasy genre), watching my favorite TV shows, hiking, traveling, everything Disney
  • Dream Vacation: Greece; I love and want to learn more about Greek mythology
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: teleportation so I could avoid air travel!

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