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All About Hannah & Kelsey

Before we talk about us, let's talk about YOU! You are strong, brave, courageous, selfless, and worthy. We remain humbled by the fact that you are here, visiting our page, and considering us as a potential adoptive family for your child. We will never understand the difficulty of the decision that you face, but nevertheless, we applaud you! Kelsey and I started dating in 2016 and made the vow to spend the rest of our lives together, by getting married, in February 2018. As a same-sex couple, we understand the power and necessity of acceptance and unconditional love. We are beyond grateful for a family that has bestowed those gifts upon us. Not only have they allowed us to be who we are, but they continuously love us JUST as we are. It is this same love and acceptance that we want to pour upon our future child. We sincerely believe that the most powerful person you can be is the one that God created you to be. Being true to who you are and learning to wholly love yourself is of the utmost importance. As a family, we are constantly encouraging one another to be the best possible versions of ourselves.

This life truly is beautiful. Through all the incredibly difficult seasons and the most joyous of times, we always remain hopeful. We are hopeful because we sincerely believe that God has created each of us to enjoy this life, to love and be loved, and to honor Him by serving others. We always have fun, in quite literally everything we do. Whether we are driving to a client's home singing some terrible radio version of a song or putting George's diaper on (oh yes, he wears a diaper) we are living life. Hannah sometimes has to remind Kelsey to stop taking herself too seriously. There is so much joy in our lives and bringing a child into our home would multiply that exponentially.


Why Adoption?

We view adoption as a great responsibility and an even greater honor. We deeply value and cherish all life and are so unbelievably excited to bring a child into our home through this process. Since Hannah was young, she always knew that she was called to adopt. Over the last 10 years, adoption has been a large part of our family's story. Hannah’s brother and his wife adopted a beautiful boy from foster care. In addition, Hannah’s parents adopted her nephew (sister's son) after much heartache. Kelsey strongly believes that family is not simply found by blood, but by love. Because of this, her heart has always desired a big family and the gift of being a mom. When we began discussing growing our own family, we knew adoption would be a large part of our journey. We very briefly discussed the possibility of IVF but realized that God was calling us to adoption.

Family & Home


We just bought our first home in Southern California which is another thing we never thought we'd be able to do. We have one, an incredibly needy, dog named George that can't wait to be a big brother. We live in a beautiful, family-friendly neighborhood that's filled with kids. We are so blessed that my parents and nephew live right around the corner since we are all so tightly knit. There is an elementary and middle school directly across the street from our home, multiple parks within walking distance, a community pool, and a river trail (bike trail) that takes you right to the beach. Our home is our safe haven that we fill with many laughs, incredible food (we call her Chef Hannah), and above all- LOVE.

How others describe me

We are creative, hard-working, and believe in living life to the fullest. We are both avid runners and love traveling, camping, hiking, playing cards on the couch, and of course, a good reality show. Whether it's jumping out of a plane or hiking to the top of a mountain, we seem to constantly find ourselves accomplishing things we never thought we'd be brave enough to even try. We can't wait to give our future child the opportunities to experience everything this beautiful life has to offer.