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All About Heather

Hi, my name is Heather and I am a single mother to an amazing little girl that I was able to adopt as an infant. It had always been my goal to be able to adopt children and now that I have been lucky enough to adopt my daughter,  I am hoping that you reading this is the next step to us being able to complete our family. I have been a physical therapist for 18 years in the rehabilitation setting working mostly with the geriatric population in order to help them return home from the hospital setting. In addition to this, I also coach the National Gymnastics team at my daughter's gymnastics facility while she is practicing. She is also on the gymnastics team so this is a wonderful way for us to spend time together. While I spend time coaching these amazing gymnasts I also still train and compete in gymnastics alongside of them at competitions. I love to be on the competition floor and show the girls that you do not have to stop doing something you love just because of your age. Me and my daughter love to travel around the country to compete in gymnastics competitions but we also get the opportunity to travel and spend time with our family on family vacations as well and that time is so very important to us. My daughter and I are looking so forward to adding one more little one to our family so they can also share in all of our fun family adventures.

Why Adoption?

I have always felt extremely strongly about going the route of adoption. I enjoy being single and independent. I want to adopt so that the child is able to grow up in a stable home with love and care and know that they are not going to be taken out of the home as they would if they were in the fostering system. When I adopted my first daughter it was a dream come true and the final piece to complete our family is to adopt one more little one. By me adopting another child the siblings will have that piece in common, it is something that will bond them together, something that will make them similar. They will go through life knowing that they were both adopted and both loved by myself and the rest of my amazing family. They will be siblings forever and they will have each other forever and that means the world to me.

Family & Home

Me and my daughter moved into our new home 3 years ago to ensure a good neighborhood and school district for our family. We have a great home with 3 bedrooms,  1 waiting for a new little one to occupy it. We have an amazing finished basement that opens up to a large back yard that is completely fenced in for the kids to play in very safely. We have a dog and a cat that are both good with kids. Our neighborhood is full of kids that love to play outside with each other in the summertime and invite each other to birthday parties. I love our new community that we moved to 3 years ago, it is safe and accepting and promotes caring and kindness. 

My family is absolutely amazing. I live fairly close to my Mom and Dad who are very involved in my daughter's life. They watch her on the weekends that I have to work and one of my daughters favorite things to do is have sleepovers at Grandma and Grandpa's house on those weekends. My parents attend every local and sometimes travel gymnastics meet, they come to every swim meet and horse riding show that my daughter does. My parents are always willing and available to help watch or take care of my daughter whenever needed; we love just going out to dinner with them and spending time with them. I also have 3 sisters, they live a little farther away but all play a big part in my daughter's life. My sister Amanda lives in Dayton and she has 3 children,  my daughters cousins whom my daughter adores…we get together several times a year either me and my daughter drive down to their house or we meet at a hotel part way between the houses for a weekend so they can all spend time together.  Another sister Katie lives up in Cleveland, she has a younger son whom my daughter loves to take care of and play with. Her favorite thing is to go to his birthday party every year to help him celebrate. My youngest sister Beth lives in Michigan,  she does not have and children but does have a cat so this is something her and my daughter have in common. She enjoys spending time with my daughter and my daughter has always loved her Aunt Beth and playing video games with her. In addition to this I have an amazing aunt who has been instrumental in helping me with my daughter.  She has watched my daughter every Thursday evening for a few hours so that I am able to run errands or attend appointments. And while this time is important for me, it is more important for my aunt who has never been married,  never had children and is somewhat lonely. Her favorite day of the week is the day she gets to watch.my daughter and being able to help me with my daughter is the reason she fought so hard to beat her cancer diagnosis 1 year ago. I have an absolutely amazing family who are very excited for me and my daughter to be able to add one more little one to our family.

How others describe me

My friends would describe me as extremely kind and caring as I do anything for anyone. They would say I am strong-willed, determined and independent. I am looked to as a leader when at work, but a leader by example. A little quiet and shy when in a large group of people but a friend that anyone can count on at any time.

Advice to Future Child

Always be true to yourself.

Don't do something because someone else wants you to or told you to.

Be kind always.

Perspectives on Open Adoption

I am open to certain portions of open adoption including: emails to/from myself and visitation possibly once or twice a year depending on location of the birth family as travel expenses and time off of work and school would need to be considered.


  • Favorite Movie: CinderellaMan
  • Favorite Holiday/Tradition: I love decorating the house for each holiday with my daughter. We both love the way the house looks and its a great way to start getting into the spirit of each holiday.
  • Hobbies/Interests: gymnastics, swimming, traveling, spending time with my daughter,  family and friends
  • Dream Vacation: to watch the Olympics
  • If I Could Choose a Superpower: the power to heal

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